Using corn husk for tamales is something mandatory. If you come to a Mexican household and they are making tamales, there is no way that they won’t use anything but corn husk to wrap the tamales. If you have little clues about corn husk and do not even know how to use them in tamales cooking, you can find out about them down below.


Why Corn Husk is Used for Tamales

Numerous people are looking for corn husk near me or near them to make sure that they find one. Why this corn husk is so important, especially in tamale making? Well, basically the corn husk can infuse distinctive flavor that people associate the most with tamales. This is why the wrappers are always corn husk and not anything else.


How to Buy Corn Husk

There are a lot of tips when buying corn husk for tamales. The greatest tip is to make sure that you buy the dry corn husk. Some places are selling fresh corn husk and they are still soft and pliable. They are too risky to buy, though, as drying the corn husk is not as easy as you think. It is always safer to get the dried corn husk.


The Replacement for Corn Husk

Is there any replacement for corn husk? Surely there is. However, if you can find the corn husk, it is better to use it than to seek for replacement. The most suitable replacement for the corn husk is banana leave. It is still tricky, though, as banana leaves are not too common to find in the store.

If you cannot find banana leaves or corn husk, all you have to do to wrap those tamales is parchment paper. However it will pose the risk of losing the special flavor on the outside of the tamale. This is why using natural wrapper like the husk or the banana leave is always better. The recipes using the husk are widely ranging from meat-stuffed tamale until the sweet one like chocolate tamale.

That is everything you need to know about the corn husk. They are easy to find these days, especially with the online shopping available worldwide. This is the reason why every time tamale is made, the good old-fashioned corn husk will have to be there as the wrappers. Always use corn husk for tamales as it gives the best, distinctive flavor for the dish.



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