You might have heard about Pizza Hut, but do you know all of the Pizza Hut crusts types out there? As probably the largest and most popular pizza chains, it offers a wide array of pizza menus since it was first opened in 1958 in Kansas by Dan and Frank Carney brothers.

Below, you will read about four Pizza Hut crust types explained. Different countries might have different extra crust types, but the four options in the following are the most commonly served crusts in the Pizza Hut branches all across the world.

Original Pan Crust

Original Pan Pizza Crust is the original and signature premium menu from Pizza Hut since it is opened in late 50s. For nearly 40 years, the recipe, texture, and taste are kept the same until it is altered in 2019. The franchise announced that they will update their OG crust pizza recipe to meet with the evolving taste of consumers in various countries, with improved texture, more buttery and crispier crust.


Thin and Crispy Crust

If smaller pizza and less doughy crust is more of your style, then this lighter and crispier crust type from Pizza Hut will be perfect to taste. It is available in majority of Pizza Hut branch stores across the globe. However, it doesn’t cost less than other pizza with different crust types despite having less amount of dough.


Classic Hand-Tossed Crust

The hand-tossed crust is an ideal choice to go if you feel like the pan pizza is too thick and crispy crust is too thin. This classic crust can be said as the equivalent of average pizza crust types in other franchises. Compared to pan pizza, it gives less feeling of eating fried bread because hand-tossed crust is baked in deep dish, making it more desirable for classic pizza fans.


Stuffed Crust

The last item of Pizza Hut crusts types list, is considerably thicker than the others. The thickness is there for a good reason: it has five blended cheese which comprised of white cheddar, asiago, provolone, fontina, and mozzarella. Stuffed crust is a wonderful option for cheese lovers and those who hate flavorless crust.

A lot of countries considered Pizza Hut as fast-food franchise, but did you know that some countries considered it as a fine-dining pizza restaurant? The brand does maximum effort to incorporate traditional taste into their offerings. While some of Pizza Hut crusts types are not exactly crazy, you can totally find wild crust options from another country.


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