Carrabba’s Tuscan grilled chicken is one of the main dish menus from Carrabba’s Italian Grill – a restaurant that found in 1986, by Johnny Carrabba and Damian Mandola in Houston, Texas. You might have visited one of the 240 locations of this restaurant all over the country, or heard its name through renowned PBS cooking show Cucina. Just like the other menus, this grilled chicken is created from family recipe with finest ingredients.

The original Carrabba’s Tuscan grilled chicken recipe is a cuisine that passed down from the founders’ family. It is a handmade menu that uses only fresh ingredients and cooked in open exhibition style kitchen. Beside the grilled chicken, it also serves other Italy-inspired dishes such as spiedino di mare, chicken bryan, and other. Read further below to find out how to perfectly cook grilled chicken a la Carraba.


  • 1 chicken (weighs about 5 lbs.)
  • ¾ cup grill basting sauce
  • 2 tsp grill seasoning


  1. Cut the chicken into 8 parts: 2 breast halves, 2 thighs, 2 drumsticks, and 2 wings.
  2. Prepare outdoor grill and preheat into medium.
  3. Season the chicken that has been cut with grill seasoning and let them sit in room temperature.
  4. Oil your grill grate lightly. Brush the grill basting sauce over the chicken generously and place over the grill using foil pan.
  5. Close the grill and cook while turning and basting the chicken well every 10 minutes. You may use cooking thermometer for the thickest part of breast halve and check after 45 minutes if they reached 165 degrees already.
  6. Remove the chicken and put into carving board. Let it cool down for five minutes.
  7. Chop each breast half into 4 pieces; leave the other parts as they are.
  8. Serve in a platter while it is hot.

Grilled chicken is a dish that’s known for its health benefits, and this copycat Carrabba’s Tuscan grilled chicken is no exception. This flavorful meal is very low in calories and carbs, as well as matching just fine with various salads, healthy meal plates, and side dishes.

Chicken is a versatile ingredient and it does help that it’s really easy to find in every grocery store. It makes an easy, quick, and family friendly menu for every mealtime. Try this Carrabba’s Tuscan grilled chicken when the weather is nice outside as a spin for healthy, tasty, and fast-cooked meal for your family.


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