If you need something to decorate your kid’s birthday cake, what do you think about power rangers cake toppers? Well, Power Rangers can be one of those memories to reminisce. This was the famous childhood TV series we were waiting to watch. Starred by six people, each with their own color – these rangers fight to keep the world from evil endeavors. Well, even kids these days still love them. Maybe your kid is one of those who asked to have these heroes on top of their birthday cake. So, let’s check out the ideas below.

Comes in many forms and sizes, Power Rangers cake toppers can be opted to decorate your cake. From detachable figurines to those flat decoration covered in glitters, the cake topper will be ready to make your loved ones thrilled. You can also get a customizable Power Rangers Cupcake Toppers as well.



Enhance your kid birthday experience with Power Rangers figurine as your kid birthday cake toppers. The figurine itself comes in various packs, from all-colors rangers to a pack of specialized color figurine. There are many online vendors who also offer to make a paper with ‘Happy Birthday’ writing on it. Well, you can customize the writing as well.


Printable cake toppers

If you run out of budget but still want to make the cake looks superb, consider having this as your cake toppers. All you need is to place the order to make Power Rangers as the main character, and the vendor will customize the design to match with your order. The size is also transformable, though; so you don’t have to worry that your cake topper will be too large/small.


Cake Toppers for Cupcakes

In recent days, even a cupcake can do as a birthday cake. Make it more special for your thrilled child with its cupcake topper. The legendary Power Rangers will sit on the cake in no time.


Edible cake toppers

Just like the human race has found edible gold, there is this edible cake topper as well. By placing your order which costs only a few bucks, you can get a personalized cake topper. The topper is printed on high-quality edible paper and of course, with edible ink. The message written is also customizable.

Alright, those are some ideas of what cake topper you can get for children’s birthday cake. Most of the mentioned cake toppers are cheap, so you can allocate budget to make the celebration more blast. With Power Rangers cake toppers, your child’s dream to celebrate the arrival on the new age will be achieved, and they will love it!


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