Laiki rice crackers are such a perfect companion for your bad days. Let’s admit it; we all have those days where we crave for something to munch. That’s why we run for chips or maybe something heavier than just snacks. Compared to burgers or chips, rice crackers offer less calories to free you from that guilty feeling. Laiki, being known as a healthy rice cracker brand, can be your ultimate choice for snacking. Made by GMO-free ingredients, these crackers are perfect to crack your dull day. What does this brand do to build healthy yet delicious munchies?

As stated by the manufacturer itself, the crackers are made with three ingredients only: rice (as the main ingredient), salt to taste (along with other vegan-friendly seasonings), and palm oil. The combination is just right for those trying to snack with little calories involved, for vegan eaters, and for those craving for taste-bud pleasers. With those three Laiki rice crackers ingredients, what do we get actually?


1. Rice (black and red rice)

Imported long way from Thailand, these two rice types can give a different kick compared to those white rice crackers. The taste is way more mouthwatering, and for each red and black package of Laiki, there are people who stand in-line as their big fans. Red rice can help to regulate your body insulin level and is rich in fibers, while black rice can play as a natural detoxifier as well as having its antioxidant feature. Both types of rice actually have fewer calories compared to white rice.


2. Salt

Behind its whole-grain taste, Laiki rice crackers use natural sea salt for its flavor enhancer. Well, this kind of less-refined salt is considered healthier than the ones that are refined. Also, sea salt is believed to be reducing fluid retention, and is a great source of minerals. Sea salt is also known for its improving skin health feature.


3. Sustainably-sourced palm oil

It seems like Laiki is concerned about the environment. The manufacturer claims to be using palm oil which fruits are planted in Southern Thailand, without us having to worry about any adverse environmental hazards it may cause.

Other than that, the manufacturer said that they also use plant-based cheddar and black pepper seasoning. Since it is plant-based, vegan people can have no worry to enjoy the crackers. To find the crackers, you can either find it on some retailers near your city or buy it online. Well, after all those explanations, why don’t you grab yourself some Laiki rice crackers now?


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