Figis fruitcake is a sort of cake you want to taste in a festive season. Its combination consists of assorted fruits, like candied red cherries, raisins, chopped dates, and pineapple – which all make its name. The history goes back a long way to the ancient era where Egyptians placed the cake on their loved people’s tombs. They kind of believed that the fruitcake is a food for their afterlife. However, until its reemergence during Roman times, the cake had never been on people’s sight. In contrast, we can find the fruitcake relatively easier these days, either from online or offline purchases.

People love fruitcakes. They think that fruitcakes are perfect as power bar as they are jam-packed with fruits, nuts, sugar, carbs, and fat from its flour and nuts. It’s not exaggerating to say that fruitcakes are perfect for cold weather. Some people may also think fruitcake is good as a gift for Christmas and weddings. Along with a cup of hot tea, it can be your choice to spend the recess evening with.

Along with its Italian so-called döppelganger, called panettone, fruitcakes are filling the ample spaces in bakeries every day. Figis fruitcake is just one of those fruitcakes sold out there. For some reason, these days people start selling fruitcakes online too. If you’re in a hurry or have no time to make it yourself, ordering it online can be a good choice. Otherwise, you can start making it by following some recipes on the net.

Basically, fruitcakes ingredients – just like Figis fruitcake classic, consist of those needed to make bakery products. Therefore, you can expect AP flour, eggs, butter, and sugar to be there. The special thing is, some fruitcakes makers defy adding baking powder to the batter, while some others add it. The ancient fruitcakes did not get additional baking powder in the making, so the taste will be heavy and the cakes weren’t that spongy. Next, as previously mentioned, the fruits made are including diced and dried pineapple, raisins, dates, and red cherries. Some people will also add apricots and gingers. Brandy, apple juice, rum, or cranberry juice is also added to the baking process. You only have to choose one – otherwise the cake will not look good.

Well, you can actually make your cake with various fruits you like other than those listed above. You can opt to add some spiciness of tiny diced ginger, candied orange peel, or even candied lemon peel. If you dare enough to combine those all into your fruitcake, that will be a brave move. Figis fruitcake can also be made into donut-shaped cake or whatever shape you want.


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