Who does not love eating tres leches cake Safeway? Everyone knows that Safeway is one of the finest bakeries in California and they have numerous great cakes and desserts to serve to its customers. Of course, one of the most popular cakes made by the bakery is the tres leches cake. The old-fashioned cake filled with three different kinds of milk is always delightful to eat. The cake is sweet, delicate, and absolutely delicious. Find out more about the cake down below.

The Type of Cake
The main cake is using tres leches sponge cake. This cake is made out of regular ingredients, including flour, egg, and of course milk. The regular size of the cake is 8 inch. This cake is a two-layered cake so the 11 oz cake is split into two parts and there will be filling inserted in between the layers.


The Icing
The icing on the tres leches cake Safeway is using whipped topping. It is made out of fresh whipping cream and fresh milk as well. For the 8 inch cake, the amount of icing used on that cake is about 11 oz. The icing is very light and creamy. It won’t overpower the original taste of the cake. It adds a little bit of sweetness to the cake.


The Filling
For the filling, an 8 inch cake of this kind of using 18 oz of tres leche milk. It is made out of fresh milk cooked and thickens until cream-like consistency is formed. The filling and then spread in between layers of the cake. It is softened the cake and give delicious, fudgy texture on the middle of the cake.


The Garnish
You do not have to worry about tres leches cake calories because it has fruits on the top to cut down the sugar and calories. The garnish of the cake is often using sliced strawberry as well as clear glaze. White cake crumbs will also get sprinkled on top of the cake to garnish the cake. Sometimes, you can also choose the garnish of toasted almonds.

When you are trying to serve up some guests with a delicious cake, you should try buying this cake from Safeway. The taste of the cake is an absolute delight to eat. Everyone will be pleased having this cake as dessert. The price of Tres leches cake Safeway is not too expensive as well, making it more affordable for everyone to buy.



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  1. This is really neat! Do you know what kind of strawberry syrup/jelly the parfait version uses? Also, is this icing the same as the boston cream version of this cake? I’ve been looking for a recipe (or an explanation like this breakdown) for the boston cream version for a few months. It would be really awesome if you know. Thank you ❤

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