Buying Chick Fil A Large Nugget Tray is a great decision if you want to host parties or gathering at home. This dish from the famous restaurant chain is indeed very delicious, coming in huge portion, and perfect to basically feed a large group of people. If you have never ordered this dish before, read the information down below first about the chicken nugget dish. You will understand it better and order it with no confusion along the way.


How Many Nuggets in There?
In the large portion of chicken nugget tray, there will be approximately 200 pieces of chicken nuggets there. This amount of nugget will be suitable to feed 40 people or more. If this is too much, you can order the small tray (64 nuggets) or the medium tray (120 nuggets). For large party and to feed those who love chicken nuggets so much, the large tray is better to buy, though.


Is Dipping Sauce Included?
Eating chicken nuggets won’t be great without dipping sauce. Thankfully, Chick Fil A has a lot of options of dipping sauces. It is including the signature BBQ Sauce of Honey Roasted, Sriracha Sweet and Spicy Sauce, Polynesian Sauce, Buffalo Zesty Sauce, and many more. When you buy the Chick Fil A Large Nugget Tray, you will get the dipping sauce, too. You can pick which sauces you want to go with the chicken nugget. All you need to do is informing it to the restaurant when making the order.


How Much to Buy the Dish?
The Chick Fil A Large Nugget Tray price is not too expensive, to be honest. There are 200 pieces of delicious breaded chicken nuggets there and it will feed numerous people. To order that, it will cost you $69.50. The price is for the large tray when you pick the food up on your own. If you want it to be delivered, a delivery fee will be added and you will have to pay $87.00 for the dish.

Now, you know everything about the dish. You can serve your guests with delicious breaded chicken dish that you do not have to make it on your own. Ordering the dish is just a phone call away and the restaurant will immediately deliver the dish to your address. This is why Chick Fil A Large Nugget Tray is always a great choice for anyone trying to serve up good food to a lot of people.


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