New crock pot user will question what temperature is high on a crock pot. Of course the temperature issue is one of the most pivotal things when you are using this cooking equipment. Generally, slow cooker will have two different temperature options which will vary between brands. The first setting is low and it literally means lower temperature cooking, and the second one is high which cooks dishes at higher temperature. These two settings will cause differentiation in cooking timing. If you set up the crock pot on high, you will be able to cook a dish faster than when the setup is on low.

When cooking something using this device, you may often ponder about using crock pot high vs low temperature. Usually, both choices will work no matter what is being cooked. Of course, cooking with this equipment on low will take longer time. Nonetheless, certain dishes will benefit from being prepared with one specific setting. As an example, when you are cooking thick meat dishes such as ribs and meatloaf. Vegetable based dishes also more suitable for low setting.

Crock pot cooking will yield different result than when you are using an oven. It is because the food ingredients will maintain their moistures when being cooked inside this device. In low setting, you are bound to have more liquid than in high setting. Setting the slow cooker on high is perfect for dishes with lower amount of moisture. It is a perfect setting for when want to have intensely flavored dish but do not have plenty of time to spare.

What temperature is high on a crock pot? Of course, every slow cooking device will have different setup. However, you should expect the temperature of high setting to be around 300ºF (about 149ºC). Meanwhile, the low setting would be around 200ºF (equal to 93ºC). In order to test whether your device can work in the setup, follow these simple steps.

  • Pour regular tap water into the pot until it is halfway full.
  • Cover with the lid.
  • Set the crock pot on the lowest setting.
  • Cook the water for 8 hours.
  • Take off the lid.
  • Check the temperature immediately with kitchen thermometer and it should be around 185ºF (85ºC).

That simple test is helpful to decide how you are going to utilize the slow cooking pot. Another basic guide for its usage: an hour of high setting cooking time equals to two hours and a half of low setting cooking time. Hopefully this article is able to unveil the mystery of what temperature is high on a crock pot.


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