You should try Harrows Chicken Pot Pie. This restaurant is easy to find, and its menu is excellent. Chicken pie is what people look for when ordering. Beside, people can gather in this place and order the large portions. If you want to celebrate certain events, Harrow’s Chicken Pies should be a good place.

New restaurants always come every day with unique and interesting menu. Regarding chicken pot pie, you will find many places with that menu. On the other hand, the recipe for this one is relatively easy to find, even your mother might know how to cook pot pie with chicken as the main ingredients. Well, it doesn’t mean Harrow’s is less interesting than other new business. For your information, this is not new place because it has been around since long time. That’s why people can find Harrows Chicken Pot Pie location easily. People come to enjoy the pie and feel nostalgic about it.

In addition, Harrows Chicken Pot Pie looks like regular food. That’s completely true because you can cook at your own kitchen at home. Why do you need to visit Harrow’s just for the same pot pie you make on your own? The answer is simple because Harrows is special place with long memory. In past time, dining was special event, and you could not find good place like Harrow’s. In that time, the restaurant had dining room with enough space for many customers and diners. Unfortunately, such room is no longer available and Harrow’s also has new arrangement to adjust with modern dining. This is not big issue because the restaurant business is tough even for long establish one. Keeping the old style is not option anymore but adapting with what customer wants. As the result, you can experience combination between old and new Harrow’s.

Pie and chicken are two things that everyone likes. When you visit this place, the restaurant is like your home. Mother, aunt, and grandmother cook your pie then deliver it immediately. Besides the old menus, some pies are new based on existing recipe. It gives different taste but customers will still remember delicacy from the old one. This is something you only find in this place.

Well, Harrow’s does not have branches because the owner wants to keep the special atmosphere related to this place. Before visiting and enjoying Harrows Chicken Pot Pie, you can call to book the table.


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