Calico beans crock pot are one of the most delicious dishes with ground beef and beans as the main ingredients. It is a dish that’s easily and slowly prepared. Well, the result is outstanding. To make Calico beans, you can use slow cooker or known as crock pot. Usually, you can make the dish for 2-3 hours minutes by using crock pot, and that’s not even the prep. How come it took quite a time to make the dish? Well, that’s what Calico beans true meaning. It welcomes you at home with a hot dinner after home.

Therefore, what are the tools and ingredients to make Calico beans crock pot? First, you need the crock pot. It is recommended to use 7 quart oval-shaped crock pot. It is the most balanced item that offers the right amount of food space. Hence, if you got the right amount of dish in the pot with right ingredients, it will increase the flavor. Secondly, the ingredient for calico beans is meat. It can be ground beef and/or bacon. Before putting those to the crock pot, make sure you already cooked it, and not put it raw. For you who do not eat meat, there are vegetarian Calico beans crock pot recipe as well. Just simply replace the meat with chopped onion and different kinds of beans.

Next, beans are the ingredients you have to put. There are several beans for this menu. You can use either lima beans or kidney beans. Those are the most delicious choices that combine greatly with the meat sauce. However, if those beans are hardly found in your area, replace them with canned beans. Before you put them at the crock pot, they have to be drained first to remove the water.

Furthermore, you need several additional ingredients, such as sugar, ketchup, spices, salt and barbeque sauce, and then mixed them with the main ingredients. Those additional ingredients will add a strong flavor to Calico beans. Without them, your dish will be tasteless and not be the perfect Calico beans you have dreamed for. Therefore, make sure to mix the additional ingredients properly with the beans and meat.

Finally, after all of those ingredients are mixed well, pour it to the crock pot, and turn it on. Set the cook on low level, and wait until the ingredients become warm. After it warm, your Calico beans crock pot dish is ready for your dinner.


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