People use clam steamer pot for special cooking. Clam has hard and solid texture, but very soft at inside part. You have two options when cooking this one: putting the clams without taking their shells or removing the shells just for delicate content. Steamer pot is dedicated for the first option because you will taste different between clams with or without shells. To know more about this topic, read the following sections.


Size and capacity

You can easily cut and chop vegetables then put inside the pot. That’s not what you will do in clam steamer. It is not easy to cut lobster, crab, and clam. In that case, the size and capacity matters when choosing steamer. Usually, you cook and eat immediately because the steamer pot is the best to serve while still hot. You need seafood cooker that’s capable to supply enough seafood without waiting too long. Several products at store are big to put up to five lobsters. For clam, you just purchase pot with capacity at least 5 to 10 clams while steaming. If you have big event, buying two steamer pots is better than having big one.


Features and functions

You use clam steamer pot for seafood, but it also has function for other pot-related foods. If you buy regular pot, lobster and clam are out of option. On contrary, you get steamer for clam and other foods will be easy to add. Vegetables, chicken, meat, or other ingredients are issue to rely on this pot. The features are varied, but the basic ones always similar. You can control heat level, and the below part will drain the water. If you want broth, it is available easily without ruining the clam or seafood.


Cooking technique

Steaming is the simplest cooking method due to no complex action. You can prepare ingredients then put everything in one pot. Control steaming level and maintain the heat at balance. Just wait until the recipe is ready to serve. This is similar to clam, oyster, lobster, fish, or anything. Steamer pot is one tool for many recipes. This is what you get from steamer pot.

At store, you will find many steamers for seafood. Which one is the best and most reliable? Pot is heavy since the material is strong and solid to generate hard pressure. You just pick one clam steamer pot that fulfills your preference based on the previous things listed at above sections.


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