Delicious dinner does not have to be expensive, and you can try cheap crock pot meals. With affordable price, the crock pot recipe is suitable choice for serving every day. Keep in mind that cheap does not mean you forget about the taste. On the other hand, some ingredients are available easily to mix and blend into single pot to deliver excellent foods. More about recommended meal will be explained at the following sections.


Soup and stew

Soup and stewYou may want cheap crock pot meals on budget for everyone, even completely no idea how to cook. The choice is soup and stew. Both are the simple cooking methods because you put everything together then wait until crock pot does its job. However, you should know that soup is different from stew in term of how much water and liquid intensity. In stew, you need to do simmering, and the ingredients look like porridge with delicate texture.


Meat, chicken and beef

Stew can use meat, but you should try other recipes involves chicken and beef without too much liquid. Meatball or similar recipes are what you have to enjoy chicken and meat ultimately. Crock pot has special feature to put pressure on those ingredients in order to generate delicate texture. The only difference from previous list is less water or no liquid at all. This is one of top lists if you want to do experiment in cooking. Cheap crock pot meals with beef are easy because you don’t do complex cooking method. After the ingredients are ready, mix them then put inside crock pot. Wait until everything is done, and the recipe is ready to serve.



SpaghettiCrock pot is useful to do cooking recipe that you might not think about it. Spaghetti is everyone favorite due to simple and easy to prepare. However, you may do not have necessary tools to ensure that the spaghetti is as good as what you found at nearby restaurant. You don’t have to worry about such matter because crock pot seems to be useful to deliver unique and delicious spaghetti. The recipe is available on internet and you can buy ingredients anywhere nearby your home. The key is you should not forget to keep crock pot in low heat in order to keep the texture in good condition.

Tons of recipes are available for crock pot cooking. You may start from simple one then try something different after learning the basic thing. That’s what you should know about cheap crock pot meals.


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