Some of you might ever hear about Biryani Pot Parsippany restaurant. Well, Biryani is a mixed rice dish that its origins came from the Muslim people in Southern part of Asia, around Pakistan or India. The dish is often compared with pilaf, the mixed rice. The difference is that pilaf tends to be plainer and consists of meat with cooked rice as Biryani. On the other hand, it is more gravy and being cooked longer. Biryani was brought to the west, especially in America by immigrants. There are lots of restaurants serve this kind of cooking.

Biryani Pot Location

Well, Biryani Pot Parsippany is an Indian restaurant located in New Jersey in the U.S. More to the history, the birthplace of Biryani is still shrouded with theories: some said it was inspired by the Arabs who trade space in sub-continent, while others claim it was brought by Muslim conqueror. The soldier facing constant battle is usually unable to prepare elaborate meals. They would prepare a one-pot dish where they will cook rice then mix it with spices and meats available.

Over time, Biryani evolved and experienced many changes in the way it is prepared, so the taste is varied. The use of spices pretty much in the dish makes it tasted so strong by the nose and tongue. However, Biryani Pot Parsippany has its own way of preparing the rice mixed meal. The restaurant selects fine ingredients from the prime, rice, meats, vegetables, and the original cuisine. They are rich in spices. Cooked by experienced chef, this wonderful dish will make your tongue feel joyous.

Although the restaurant serves wondrous food, the same cannot be said to its service. By quoting from the online review, the customers are complaining about less friendly service, and they suggest the restaurant would go better if they add more smile to the staff. But still, the restaurant is a crowded place. Moreover, it has opened a branch in some cities to give the people a closer taste of Indian dishes. Aside from the Biryani, they also serve other Biryani Pot menu, such as pilaf.

During the branch opening in New Jersey, the mayor was given the honor to cut inauguration map. The restaurant also serves a formal dine between the town hall and restaurant’s owner. The reputation boosted as the mayor gave the speech in a broadcast. They have won the mayor’s favor, and the mayor of Biryani Pot Parsippany had given his blessing and support to the camera during a regional television live broadcast.



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