When you want to make your own homemade Belgian waffle, then you need a waffle maker and know how to use a Belgian waffle maker. There is nothing to worry as long as you have the waffle maker. Furthermore, it is also easy to use the tool.

When you buy the waffle maker, usually you will get the complete guidebook. In case you think that those are not easy to understand, these instructions can be good solution for you. About the steps, you can follow these points.

Prepare the batter

It becomes the first step to do. Luckily, you do not need to make the batter from scratches. You can easily buy the boxed batter. You can also combine the batter with chili powder to get the warm taste. Cinnamon or extract of almond are also good to make the taste richer.


Use the waffle maker

The next step of how to use a Belgian waffle maker is to prepare the maker. You can put it on the flat surface. You only need to plug the cable to preheat it. While waiting the temperature, you can apply the oil spray. It can be useful later when you want to take the waffle. It is also useful to clean the maker. After that, you can pour the waffle. Be careful in pouring since you need to make it evenly. Once it is done, close the lid.

Each maker will have different duration since there are also makers equipped with temperature control. If it has no temperature control and indicator, you can check the doneness by seeing the crack between the plates as the solution of how to know when waffles are done. Once it is done, you can take it. It is recommended to use fork or spatula made from plastic or rubber, so it will not scratches.


Clean the maker

When you want to clean it, you must make sure that it has been cool perfectly. You can wipe the plates by using damp cloth. In case there are some crumbs, you can use soft brush. If it is still hard to remove, you can pour cooking oil and wait for some minutes, and then you can try to remove it again.

Those are the complete steps of using the waffle maker. Actually, it is easy to use. Usually, most of the makers have the same steps. As for recommendation, it is better to look for maker that has some temperature control and indicator, so it is easier to set the heat and check the waffle. The features can become helpful points related to the how to use a Belgian waffle maker.


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