If you are interested to make new menus of salmon, it seems you need to know how to make salmon croquettes with flour. Salmons become one of the best ingredients for many kinds of menu. The fish can be so tasty. Moreover, it is rich of nutrients, so it is great for health.

If you are interested to make salmon croquettes with flour, you can follow these steps. In here, you will find that it is so easy to make the salmon croquettes. It does not take long steps, and even it can be done in less than 30 minutes. Surely, it can be tasty yet easy menu to try. These are the ingredients and steps.


  • 1 can of canned salmon
  • ½ cup of self-rising flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 quart vegetable oil


Cooking Directions:

  1. Prepare a medium bowl.
  2. Add the flour, egg, and salmon in the bowl. Mix them well. In order to make the croquettes, you must make the mixture into patties.
  3. After you get some patties, prepare the frying pan.
  4. Add oil on the pan and heat by using the medium-high level.
  5. Fry the panties in some batches, depending on the size of pan. Fry them until become golden brown. Turn the patties to cook them evenly.
  6. After that, move the fried patties on paper towel to drain the oil.
  7. Serve them.

It is extremely easy. It does not need many ingredients. The steps are also so easy since you only need to make patties from the ingredients and fry them evenly to get the golden brown patties. These are easy steps of how to make salmon croquettes with flour. You will not find difficulties in following the steps since it does not involve special cooking skills. It may be tricky in making the patties, but as long as you can mix them evenly and smoothly, things are fine.

When you want to get richer taste of salmon croquette, you may also add panko, garlic powder, bell pepper, and even mayonnaise. Based on the ingredients above, the taste is from the flour and canned salmon. You can get the richer taste by adding some ingredients. Then, it is great when you have combination of foods in serving the croquettes. For example, you can have red potatoes or steamed rice. You may also have pasta or salad. These are some possible alternative related to the how to make salmon croquettes with flour, and you still can explore to get better and richer taste of salmon croquette.


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