In fact, many people are wondering about how do Mexican restaurants make their ground beef so fine. A lot of Mexican restaurants serve taco or burrito with delicious, juicy ground beef inside of it. The beef is really delicious and a kind of addictive. If you really want to know what the secret behind the mouth-watering ground beef is, here is the answer for you.

  1. The Right Cut
    Most of Mexican restaurants know how to make their ground beef delicious. It all starts by choosing the right cut for the ground beef. They use three cuts: the chuck, the sirloin, and the brisket. Sirloin is lean meat but provides great flavor. Chuck and brisket provides the fats. Combined together, the three cuts give amazing ground beef result with the right amount of fat and the right texture as well.
  2. No “Taco Seasoning”
    If you are wondering how do Mexican restaurants make their ground beef so fine and why you always failed to make a homemade ground beef with that delicious taste, it is probably because you use taco seasoning. Store-bought taco seasoning cannot mimic the authentic taste of Mexican ground beef. It is because the real ground beef is going to use lots of herbs and spices, including granulated ajo molido (Mexican garlic), comino (cumin), oregano, thyme, chilies, and many more. In most taco seasoning, you will only taste the domination of cumin, which is not quite the same taste of the authentic Mexican ground beef.
  3. Mexican Chilies
    There is no doubt that Mexican cuisine uses tons of chilies. In Mexican ground beef, there are three different kinds of chilies used in the recipe. In addition, aside of how to make juicy taco meat, most Mexican restaurants pay a great attention of how to make their ground beef taste spicy and delicious at the same time. The three chilies used are mulato, cascabel, and jalapeno. Jalapeno gives the delicious, distinctive flavor of Mexican ground beef. Meanwhile, the other two chilies provide the excellent amount of heat and smoky taste.

Well, now that you know the secret behind that fine Mexican ground beef, you can probably try to make one at home. Even though it is not the same result as you may get in the restaurants, at least you know how do Mexican restaurants make their ground beef so fine and you have tried to copy it.


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  1. Now I know that a good restaurant does not even use taco seasoning since authentic Mexican beef dishes always use a variety of fresh spices and herbs. Before I’ve only been eating at home but now that lockdown is over, I feel like I’d even eat 2 beef burgers at a good chain. I hope my boyfriend and I could hunt for a good place again to rediscover other Mexican menus.

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