You can cook freirich corned beef without any additional spices or seasonings. For your information, this beef is in fresh and ready condition for further cooking. You can get this product at store with various options. How to cook corned beef properly? The instructions are explained at below sections.


  1. Freirich corned beef
  2. Water


Cooking Instructions:

  1. Take corned beef out of its package and put in the pot. Add cold water and boil it.
  2. Reduce the heat then simmer slowly for 2 to 3 hours. Check the beef surface with fork to ensure its tenderness.
  3. After that, continue cooking to get texture that you want. It might be longer or just enough.
  4. When cooking is done, wait for 15 minutes then remove the water. After that, slice the beef in any size. Now, your dish is done and ready to serve.

Before cooking freirich recipes, you need to make sure the ingredients are in fresh and good condition. Corned beef is the product that has been inspected. In general, bacteria or chemical compound is no longer in this beef. However, non-safety handling might cause bacteria to infect. However, you do not have to worry about that issue as long as the beef is in proper handling. Read manual and instruction before cooking any meal. Make sure to wash the cooking utensils and clean the kitchen before and after cooking.

It seems you only need freirich corned beef and water for this recipe. You can choose two preparation modes. Firstly, put beef alongside water without slicing. This is what recipe above explains since you try to get tender texture equally for the entire part. On the other side, you may try the second way to slice at any size then cook. It is better if you do not have time to simmer. With small size, the water will penetrate and ease the beef to be less rigid. However, the side effect is the taste because the flavor will torn away easily. In this case, you need additional seasonings.

If you do not like plain beef, some things are eligible to put into pot. Add coriander, bay leaf, onion, mustard seed, garlic, and allspice. Besides, salt and pepper are good to improve the taste. Of course, you have to make sure that beef has proper flavor. Cooking time takes more than 3 hours and simmering is the longest one. Make sure you have time to prepare and cook freirich corned beef at home.


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