Knowing Braum’s frozen yogurt calories & other nutrition values is important when you are consuming this product. People love the company’s frozen yogurt because it has soft and creamy texture that resembles ice cream. There are varieties of flavors too, including chocolate amaretto, strawberry banana, and the classic vanilla one. Those who want to lose weight eat this frozen yogurt product because it only contains 6% of fat. Let’s break down the nutrition contents that you will get when consuming this yummy product.

Each serving of frozen yogurt is around half a cup or equals to 2.3 ounces. Every serving weighs around 65 grams if the cone’s weight is not counted. The calorie contained in each serving of frozen yogurt is 120 calories. If using 2,000 calories as standard requirement per day, when eating this product, someone is fulfilling 6% of recommended daily calories intake. By counting the frozen yogurt cone calories in, the calories count will add up by 140 calories. Perhaps having the yogurt without cone in a plastic cup will be a better alternative if you are on diet.

To learn Braum’s frozen yogurt calories & other nutrition contents, it is important to know nutrients contained within the product. The vanilla soft yogurt contains carbohydrate, fat, sodium, cholesterol, and protein. Carbohydrate comes from 15 grams of sugar which is about 6% of recommended intake. The fat content in this product is saturated fat around 2.5 grams. It contains 15 milligrams cholesterol or around 5% of suggested portion. The yogurt contains of 60 milligrams sodium which is 3% of recommended consumption. By eating each yogurt serving, you will get 4 grams of protein.

Other nutrients that can be found in this product are vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. The content of vitamin A and iron in Braum’s yogurt is quite small, but still adds nice addition to necessary intake in a day. This product contains 2% of vitamin A. Meanwhile, the calcium content is quite high; which is about 150 milligrams. It fulfills 15% of necessary calcium intake per day. Nutritional values in other yogurt flavors will be slightly different.

The yogurt contains low calories. To burn it down, you only need to do small exercises such as walking and running for less than twenty minutes. The company also offers sugar-free options to further reduce its calories content. This knowledge of Braum’s frozen yogurt calories & other nutrition values should be useful.


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