Pie crust recipe without shortening is the best option to make since shortening is not healthy compared to butter. Although giving shortening can make the pie tender, it is still best to avoid using this. What will the pie be then if the butter is used instead of shortening? For your information, using butter can make the pie to be a flaky one. It is still great anyway. Here is a recipe of making flaky pie.


  • ½ cup of cold water
  • 2 ½ cups of all-purpose flour
  • 5 tbsp oil
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • ½ cup of unsalted butter cold


Baking Instructions:

  1. In this pie crust recipe without shortening, you need to prepare a large bowl. Add the flour and salt into the bowl and combine them.
  2. Add the oil into the bowl and stir them. Try to get a mixture that resembles a coarse meal.
  3. Now, prepare the butter. In order to help you mix it in the previous mixture, cut it into slices, thin ones. Later, toss it in the previous mixture to coat.
  4. Pour the cold water a tablespoon at a time. Mix evenly until the mixture is well mixed. You can adjust the water.
  5. Make a ball from the dough and divide them into two. Wrap each of them tightly and let it sit in the refrigerator for about an hour at least.
  6. Take the dough out and roll it to ¼ inch thickness. Fold it into thirds thrice. Now refrigerate it again for an hour.
  7. This time, take out the dough and roll it again to 2 inches larger compared to your pie plate’s diameter.
  8. In this flaky pie crust recipe, slip the dough into pie plate and prick the edge of it with a fork. While you are preparing the filling, you can let it sit in the refrigerator.
  9. In order to bake the pie, it depends on the filling. Nevertheless, the crust should be flaky and have deep golden color.

The recipe you have read above is for 10 servings. This American dessert is must-a-try recipe for sure. As suggestion for oil options, there are several choices you can use, such as hazelnut oil, walnut oil, vegetable oil, grapeseed oil, and more. As the filling, you can make it as desired. Hopefully, this pie crust recipe without shortening is helpful as your reference.


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