Have you ever seen shirt tomato soup commercial? What do you think about it? Many people, or if it cannot be said all people, think this commercial looks really weird. It makes people wonder what is on the maker’s mind when creating this ad. The idea is unpredictable and it is quite hard for common people to understand what the commercial point is. But when you come to the end, you will be able to figure out the purpose of this ad. Tide Pod as the advertised product try to catch people’s attention by serving bizarre commercial that makes everybody raise their eyebrows.

Why People Make Shirt Tomato Soup Commercial and Other Weird Commercials

Apart from the uniqueness, it lets us think deeper. Why would commercial maker create such weird advertisement for many people? Is it really necessary to deliver unpredictable and nonsense commercial only to sell products? Actually, there are some reasons why a product company hires advertising company which is able to make their product looks stand out compared to the others.

  1. Marketing strategy
    Normal commercial does not catch as much attention as ridiculous advertisement. Meanwhile, the point of creating advertisement is to attract attention from your target market. Therefore, it is necessary to create unique concept that has never been thought by many people. Take a look at shirt tomato soup commercial that shows shirt and a bowl of tomato soup. In the end of the commercial, both of them fight and Tide Pod is the best solution for this problem. It sounds weird, isn’t it?

    However, it makes people want to see the ad over and over again to understand what the actual meaning it has. When people do, it indicates that the commercial maker has succeeded in attracting society’s attention through the ad.

  2. Deliver message
    It cannot be denied that t-shirt tomato soup commercial also has message to deliver. In the beginning, it may seem nonsense and meaningless. But in the end, everybody who sees it can easily understand that Tide Pod offers solution for tomato soup or any stain on your shirt. This is actually the point of tomato soup commercial. When people can easily understand the message, it means the commercial works well.

Even if many people are annoyed by this ad, you should confess that tomato soup commercial is a genius idea. At first, you may raise your eyebrows but it cannot be denied that you understand what they want to deliver through shirt tomato soup commercial.


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