For those who want to serve a drink to pump up autumn, you need to know how to pasteurize apple cider. Apple cider is a drink that’s made of fermented apple juice. There are two types of apple cider. They are hard and sweet cider. Hard cider is the one that contains alcohol. The alcohol is obtained from the fermentation process. Meanwhile, sweet cider is the non-alcoholic version of apple cider. The fermentation duration is shorter than the hard one. Here, you will find out the steps to make a delightful apple cider.

  1. What you should prepare?
    The preparation plays a big role in how to pasteurize apple cider. First of all, you need the desired amount of ripe, firm, and sweet apple. After that, you are going to need a bottle to put the juiced apple. Then, just prepare the food processor to blend the apples.
  2. Make the apple juice
    After you wash the apples, put them into a food processor to turn them into a smooth apple juice. Next, pour the juice to a bottle and ferment it in a room with the temperature of 22oC for 3 until 4 days.
  3. How to make unpasteurized apple cider
    The pasteurization is important to kill the Salmonella bacteria that contained in the fresh apple cider. Here is the thing you can do to pasteurize the cider. Firstly, prepare a temperature for cooking. After that, warm the cider. The temperature needed is 85oC. After being pasteurized, pour the cider to the clean glass jar.

As information, the way to make an unpasteurized cider is to pasteurize it. By pasteurizing the apple cider, you will be hindered from some bacteria that are harmful for the body. In making a delicious apple cider, the types of apples really play a significant role. Choose the apple that is crispy, sweet, and firm. This kind of apple can help you in gaining the best apple cider taste. Moreover, the temperature is important as well because with the right temperature, the bacteria can be killed and we can drink the cider safely.

Well, you have been given the steps to make an apple cider and the way to pasteurize it. The apple cider is suitable to freshen your days. The sourness of the cider can boost your energy. Please follow the steps on how to pasteurize apple cider above to enlighten your autumn!


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