It is time for blueberry banana smoothie recipe without yogurt! Even though fall has come, it does not mean you can stop having some fresh and juicy smoothie. You might have abundant blueberries in your garden by now. What would you do with those? If you do not have time to bake some fruitcake, smoothie is the best answer for all. Combining blueberry and banana into fresh smoothie is a perfect idea that you should try. Not only tasty, it is also very easy to make. In case you do not really like to add some yogurt into smoothie, this recipe is just for you.

Actually there are many ways to make your own dairy-free smoothie. You can simply blend any fruit as you like with desired consistency. In this blueberry banana smoothie recipe without yogurt, the banana helps you get the right smoothie consistency just like when you add yogurt. Prepare the ingredients and follow the instructions to get healthy and tasty blueberry banana smoothie.


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 2 tsp honey

Serving Instructions:

  1. Prepare a blender which has strong blade to cut out the frozen fruit. Add frozen blueberries, frozen banana, and honey to the blender.
  2. Blend for 2 or 3 minutes until you get the desired consistency and texture. In case the smoothie is too thick, you may add milk or extra honey.
  3. Pour the smoothie to serving glass. Top with fresh blueberry or banana slices.
  4. Enjoy the smoothie.

There is none other word to say than “super easy” to make this smoothie. Without many ingredients, you can enjoy a glass of healthy smoothie within minutes. The recipe above yields one serving, therefore you may add extra ingredients if you wish to have more servings.

Would you like another option of banana berry smoothie recipe without yogurt? There is nothing to worry about. Making homemade smoothie is nearly unlimited. You can add any fruits as desired, especially if you want to have unique color and taste of the smoothie. For instance, strawberries and raspberries as additional ingredients will create different taste, not to mention it will change the color as well.

It is time to make your own blueberry banana smoothie. Grab some frozen blueberries, bananas, and other favorite fruits and blend them together into healthy smoothie. Without adding dairy product, this blueberry banana smoothie recipe without yogurt is a perfect choice for vegans.


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