Panera Bread roasted turkey & avocado BLT sandwich on sourdough is one kind of sandwich that you will like a lot. It consists of healthy ingredients. If you concern with what you eat, this one can be included in your menu. Yes, it is perfect for breakfast.

Making it at home is the best option because it can save more money. You will be able to choose the ingredients that fit in your taste and budget. If there is a sale on the ingredients, you better go for it. To get to know more regarding the Panera Bread menu, here you go.


  • 20 pieces of deli turkey, sliced evenly
  • 8 slices tomato
  • 2 sliced avocados
  • 6 slices bacon
  • 4 slices of sourdough bread
  • 4 leaves green leaf lettuce
  • Mayonnaise


Making Instructions:

  1. In this Panera Bread roasted turkey & avocado BLT sandwich on sourdough recipe, prepare the bread first. As you might know already, sandwich is one thing that will be made here. You better buy fresh sourdough bread since it will taste the best. Cut the bread in half.
  2. Now, add mayo on each piece of bread. Add them evenly to make them look good. Remember not to give the mayo too much.
  3. Prepare the roasted turkey. You can put five slices of this meat.
  4. For bacon, just go with the halved or cooked, or both of them. Simply put 1 ½ pieces of bacon.
  5. Prepare avocado and cut it in slices. Add 4 slices of avocado into the sandwich.
  6. Next, place two slices of tomato.
  7. Place the lettuce leaf right after that. It is up to you to place it one piece only or more than that. Another option for this is Romaine.
  8. Cover all of the ingredients with another half of sourdough bread. The sandwich is ready to serve for your beloved ones.

It is quite simple, right? It only needs 10 minutes in total if you have prepared all the ingredients in the beginning. Regarding Panera Bread nutrition, it has 640 calories. The calories were calculated along with all of the ingredients.

How about the sourdough bread? You may like it the most as a part of this sandwich. Well, that’s all for the recipe. Hope you like this idea of making Panera Bread roasted turkey & avocado BLT sandwich on sourdough.



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