Wawa sandwich menu offers what you want for mealtime. You can have sandwich with turkey, chicken, bacon, meat, etc. The interesting thing about Wawa is Built-to-Order service. What is it? This is the reason why people like to have sandwich anywhere from Wawa.

This service gives opportunity for customers to get what they want using simple touch. Wawa has technology and systems that show ingredients for specific order. Customer can access it then mix and match the ingredients to adjust their personal taste. With this service, Wawa sandwich menu delivers more than standard menu that’s usually you see on other outlet. This is the key service from Wawa, so people can recognize it easily.

Another service is called Ready-to-Go. From its name, you know that meal is prepared and packed before order. This is suitable for customers who do not have time to wait and in hurry. Wawa menu for this order consists of several options. Unlike the previous service, you do not have customized choice for this one. Below is the recipe inspired by Wawa menu.


  • 1 Bagel
  • 2 – 3 Eggs
  • 1-2 slices of Cheese
  • 1/8 – 1/4 pound turkey Sausage
  • butter
  • Olive Oil as needed


Cooking Instructions:

  1. Heat skillet with olive oil and cook turkey sausage at medium heat.
  2. Cut bagel into half form and toast it. Add butter on both sides.
  3. Scramble egg in skillet to create patty
  4. Mix turkey and melted cheese into bagel alongside egg, and cheese.
  5. Now, your dish is ready to serve.

If you are in diet, Wawa salads are should be at the top choice. Well, Wawa makes sure customers receive freshness in every vegetable they order. As similar to other menus, salads are also available in Built-to-Order and Ready-to-Go service. If you want different salads from existing menu, order customized one using Built-to-Order option. There are tons’ of ingredients to mix and put together into one serving.

Serving food is Wawa’s core business, but there is interesting service called calorie calculator. You will know how much calorie from sandwich that you order. Moreover, people in diet program require consuming healthy foods. In this case, Wawa helps them to measure the calorie level based on body need. The calculator is available via online where you can access it via smartphone or laptop. Besides calorie, other important information is about nutrition compound in every Wawa sandwich menu.


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