Who would have thought if the host and restaurant manager could have his own kitchen equipment, enter the Guy Fieri knuckle sandwich knife. It’s a knife specifically designed to cut and sliced ​​sandwich. As seen in its name, Guy Fieri is the initiator of this unique knife. It’s unique because its shape and ornaments are very typical of Guy Fieri. Let’s look at the specifications of this unique knife.

Full Specification of Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich Knife

Guy Fieri self-proclaimed he was a man of high taste. This was shown on the Guy Fieri knuckle sandwich knife sets, each of which was designed by himself. With the accent centered on the handle which is coated with dominant red and black, and tribal accents on both edges of the knife, this knife set must be different from the usual knife set that has a simple silver slate design.

Excellence in the design field must be balanced with the performance and durability of the material. That was also what Guy Fieri applied in the production of Guy Fieri knuckle sandwich chef knife set. Behind its unique and different design, there is a heat-treated German stainless steel metal blade that is resistant to abrasion and corrosion. This is done to ensure the tip of the blade remains sharp even though it is used for several times. Ergonomic features in the handle are also very much noticed by this restaurateur. Comfort in holding a knife is the main element of success in using this cutting tool.

Moreover for its own weight, Guy Fieri tries to provide stability for both the handle and the blade of Guy Fieri knuckle sandwich knife. But instead of adding weight, he designs it so it contains a hollow ground in both the blade and handle. In addition, this Hollow Ground is believed to also be able to provide smoother and deeper cut.

For its own price, Guy Fieri’s knife set sandwich is sold in the range of $30- $50. You can also buy it separately or in one set. Of course, if you buy one set it will be more efficient, but it will be very rare for you to use more than one knife because one knife can handle most of the slicing operations. However, this Guy Fieri Knuckle sandwich knife can be used as a collection as well because the shape is unique with an aesthetic accent.


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