Most people usually claim the whole crumpet vs English muffin thread as something ridiculous. They all believe that these two types of bread as the same thing. However, on the contrary to widely held belief, there are some differences which are incredibly significant about both crumpet and English muffin.

Just as what you will discover in this article, the following points or paragraph are written to highlight crumpet and English muffin difference. After you go through this article, you will be expected to be able to differentiate these two types of bread from this point and on.



  • Flour, yeast, baking soda, salt, milk, water


English muffin

  • Flour, yeast, salt, milk, butter


Baking Instructions:


  1. Prepare a bowl as a place to mix yeast, flour as well as salt.
  2. Gradually add an adequate amount of milk and lukewarm water and blend them until all those ingredients are thoroughly incorporated.
  3. After the blend becomes dough, set it aside for one or two hours until the batter rises.
  4. Use crumpet rings to shape the dough.
  5. Cook the dough on one side on a skillet or griddle.


English muffin:

  1. Prepare a large bowl and pour yeast, flour, butter, salt, milk into the bowl.
  2. Blend the mixture and knead them until it becomes a relatively firm dough,
  3. Using your hands, shape the dough into small balls.
  4. Prepare your griddle by sprinkle some semolina powder as its layer.
  5. Cook these balls on two sides on top of the powder covered griddle.

So those are the essential things of crumpet vs English muffin. Until the ingredients, they all seem similar, but when you know how to cook each of them, you realized that the two types of bread are different from each other. After knowing that the ingredients and baking instructions for each type of bread are different, you might wonder about the nutrition.

As for crumpet vs English muffin nutrition value, both contain similar nutrition. Well, it is because most ingredients that the two breads used are all the same, so the nutrition would be similar to each other.

The next thing about these whole crumpet vs English muffin is regarding their texture. While the former has spongy texture and holes decorating its top, the latter is more bready in terms of texture. To make it easier to describe, let’s just say that English muffin has more ‘meat’ than a crumpet. Obviously, this is due to the condition of the dough when you cook them. The crumpet is made of such loose batter while the English muffin is made of firm dough.

Another thing, the way you eat them is also different. Like, you eat crumpet as a whole; you eat English muffin in halves. The fact that there is a need of you to slice the English muffin in halves before you give them a few brushes of jam or something alike. It becomes one of the significant differences in crumpet vs English muffin.


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