What’s actually the difference between muffin and cupcake? A fierce debate in the cake world is happening between these cakes. How to differentiate both of them and does muffins better than cupcake? These questions have been around for a long time, but the answer is still a mystery. This time, let’s try to distinguish it based on the various considerations.

The Determinant of Difference between Muffins and Cupcake

1. Form
From the shape, both have a form that’s almost similar, namely by adopting a cup shape. Both also come from the same size, and they use paper wrapping. The striking difference that’s rarely encountered is the existing size variant. Cupcake remains consistent with its cup-sized cake, while muffin size is more varied. There are mini and also giant muffins eaten on the plate with spoons and forks.

2. Flavors
For the taste, the difference between muffin and cupcake starts to be seen. As the name suggests, cupcake is a cake that’s about the size of a cup. Therefore, it usually has a variety of flavors that are mostly sweet, like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, etc. Meanwhile, muffins are often on the far side of the equation with a savory taste instead of sweet. Some of them even have a salty taste. It all depends on the complementary materials. Since it is savory instead of sweet, people also considered muffins healthier than cupcake.

3. Ornament
This is the only category that provides a clear difference between muffin and cupcake. This is because the ornaments of each cake can be identified directly. The big question is mostly about muffins and cupcakes recipes. Many people may not be aware, but most cupcakes use frosting, while muffins aren’t. Frosting can support the sweetness present in a cupcake, while for muffins it would be very unsuitable if the savory taste is mixed with the sweetness of icing. The second factor is filling. Almost all muffins have a filling that has a savory taste as well, such as beans, dried fruit, or chocolate chunks. As for cupcake, it’s very rarely given the filling. Beauty is also an important factor for cupcake, so the ornaments are often eye-pleasing and on the outside instead of inside.

4. Density
The structural integrity of each cake was very different. This is in line with the way of making and processing. For cupcake, the cake texture tends to be soft and spongy. This is because, when cultivating it, the dough contains lots of sugar and butter. Moreover, it is thoroughly and consistently stirred, resulting in soft, fluffy dough when stirred. It is in contrast to muffin that the majority of dough contains flour. In addition, the dough is also processed quickly, so it grows thicker when baked. This ingredient is the cause of muffin more filling than cupcake since muffins contain heavier carbs.

Those are the four difference variables of muffin and cupcake. By using the guide, you can certainly be smarter to choose which one is muffins and which one is cupcake. You will no longer find difficulty in finding the difference between muffin and cupcakes.


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