Many people favor English muffin as their breakfast but then a question emerges: are English muffins healthy? Do they provide sufficient amount of nutrients for you? Learn this article to find out the answers.

The Facts about English Muffins

As stated before, many people choose English muffin over conventional toast for breakfast. The muffin usually is usually leavened with some amount of yeast and later on is dusted with cornmeal. The typical shape of this dish is round and flat. It can be split into half for toasting.

In addition, some types of English muffin are healthier than others but all variations could satisfy daily nutrients for your body. The approximate English muffin calories are about 235 kCal for 100 grams. Your daily need of calories may be lower or higher than that.

To answer the question ‘are English muffins healthy’, we need to break down the ingredients of this cake. Every single type of muffin has its distinction and trademark. Some of them contain cinnamon and raisin, while the other may have granola, whole-wheat, and mixed grain. Usually, English muffins that were made by refined white flour consist only 2 grams of fiber for each serving. Fiber is useful to maintain our digestive system and control our blood sugar as well as cholesterol. Furthermore, they are enriched with iron and extra vitamin B. The protein contained is about 6 grams for each serving. This is super healthy dish.

There are other benefits that are contained by this muffin for sure. Now, the question is expanding, ‘are English muffins healthy for a diet plan?’. Well, the answer is “Yes, sure”. This muffin can be included into your diet plan since it gives portion control. The common English muffin only have 1 gram of fat and about 4 to 6 grams of protein. Moreover, the variant that’s made from pure whole grains provides 2.3 milligrams niacin.

Do you want to maximize the benefits of this cake? Then, just go for healthy English muffin topping! Plenty choices of beneficial toping can increase the nutrients. It is strongly recommended to go for the whole grain or the whole wheat English muffin. For a perfect snack or breakfast, put sliced bananas or almond butter on top of it. However, peanut butter is still acceptable – and it is delicious too!

Furthermore, you can also turn the English muffin into a kind of pizza. All you need is by topping the muffin by part-skimmed mozzarella and low-sodium tomato sauce. Sounds delicious, isn’t it Or, do you prefer sandwich more than pizza? Worry no more. Use this muffin as the sandwich bun. Later on, stuff the bun with turkey or less fat ham, low fat cheese, or some avocado slices.

In short, this is a simple dish that allows you to have a great journey of taste but still fulfilling your need of nutrients. Now, if people still look down at your muffin and ask ‘are English muffins healthy?’, you can proudly shout ‘YES’ from the rooftop.


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