Barilla pasta gay became an issue when the top company in pasta market mixed what should be privacy for public or commercial use. At first, the company launched advertisement showed that pasta is not for gay families. That ad gave significant impact to family or people who feel uncomfortable with such message.

What is difference between gay family and others that people called normal? Family is about love and cares each other. You may recognize foster or adopted kid who become a part of family who receive everything as similar to what real kid have. This kind of family is no difference with what gay tries to build. Every family deserves the same right to be in societies. Regardless family member, the functionality and capability are far more important because they have significant involvement to child future.

After barilla advertisement issue, the company released statement to apologize for discrimination showcase. Few months later, there is competition for commercial campaign in order to give LGBT community more exposure. It is intended to be inclusive because no specific rule regarding sexual orientation is stated. Everyone can participate and get the same treatment as other. Inclusive campaign brings positive atmosphere to community that has various perspectives about gay and lesbian.

New Barilla pasta gay is no longer directly focus on particular market.  In fact, pasta is not exclusive product or food that only specific people can eat. It is funny to see commercial ad that promote pasta only for children, adult, teenage, women, and men. Is there any particular compound inside pasta that adult cannot eat children pasta? Are women pasta makes men less masculine? Is teenage pasta dangerous for kids and elderly? Separating pasta or food product with this kind label seems out of mind and illogical. Pasta is not drug or medicine that needs prescription or doctor recommendation.

With the same analogy, LGBT is treated as different human being or species. They require different pasta and separate from other. That was ultimate problem when Barilla advertisement is released. Of course, the company had apologized for such thing. The next issue is about campaign that represents LGBT community to be on scene. It looks like opportunity for them, but there is minor drawback. Today, they have right to show themselves as what they want with no shame at all. On the other side, the advertisement might have one reason only, which is huge profit from particular consumers. Regardless what purpose of Barilla pasta gay, everyone deserves the same right and no discrimination at all.


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