Have you heard about Dreamfields pasta lawsuit? Here in the Dreamfields, the company offers you the best and most delicious low-carb pasta to ever exist. Taste just great with any of your dishes and can be featured in your diet plan. By combining both fibers as well as various plant proteins, the pasta offers you various health benefits for a healthier body. You must be familiar with something like this. Yes, this is what is claimed by Dreamfields about their pasta in the advertisement. However, since this case, it seems like you shouldn’t easily believe in claims made on advertisements.

Dreamfields Pasta Fraud

It was in 2014 when the case happened. It is such shocking news to people since Dreamfields could be considered as one of the biggest brands which repeatedly advertising the infamous low-carb pasta. People loved their products, but it seems like people’s trust isn’t enough. It is more jaw-dropping when you know the fact that Dreamfields had been practicing this fraud for a total of ten years while being one of the best sellers.

Due to this, people were suing Dreamfields for their false-advertising. Dreamfields pasta lawsuit claim was their product to reduce the customers’ blood sugar as the label states it. However, customers filed various complaints that their blood sugar was raising. Turned out that in Dreamfields pasta lawsuit, the company used the very same flour for ‘low-carb’ pasta as the regular one. Per people demands, Dreamfields try to run a research to prove them wrong. But the data of research on case was sort of sketchy and not reliable themselves.

This had led independent researchers to run a test by themselves for this Dreamfield pasta. In which, it turned out that indeed, the pasta doesn’t show any significant result in improving glucose excursion. Additionally, one serving has the same carbohydrates amount as the regular one. Now, you can conclude that the so-called ‘low-carb’ pasta of Dreamfields has no difference at all with those regular pastas sold in local grocery store.

To settle with this, a couple of lawyers filed a lawsuit against Dreamfields years ago. What’s funny about this is that the company eventually gave up and confessed by themselves. After Dreamfields pasta lawsuit settlement, the company made a difference on their low-carb pasta’s nutrition label. There is no more false promise to reduce blood sugar after the Dreamfields pasta lawsuit, but the ‘healthy carb living’ slogan remains the same.


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