For the X generation who lives couple of decades ago, it is impossible to have something as useful as crock pot recipe app. They had no choice but to manually archive their favorite recipes. Clearly, this practice is such a pain and complicated thing to do for you who witness nowadays’ technology. Additionally, with today’s technology, not only you can easily archive them, but also you can carry them around—just fit your pocket. Well, what a major upgrade, right?

Since Android exploded from years ago, Android has contributed a lot in people’s lifestyle. Phone—which becomes the media—is like an essential part for someone. Well, this is not an odd thing since this device offers much positivity. Now, this article will give you a rough picture on one of the best slow cooker recipes app.

This article discusses a recipe app for slow cooker because it seems like there are still many who confuse about what to make using a slow cooker. Not to mention also, some of them even still has no idea how slow cooker works and what differentiates it from the other kitchenware.

Move to the main part, the app that this article plan to discuss is called as Crockpot Slow Cooker Recipes. First, this crock pot recipe app was developed in order to provide Android users with a wide variety of crockpot recipes. The variety includes recipes for breakfast, dinner, and many more. By using either beef or chicken as your main ingredient, just pick your choice. This is, without a doubt, very useful—let alone for those who enjoys cooking or pursuing their career on cooking. The crock pot recipes provided by the app are not only healthy, but also delicious.

Now out of 5, this app receives 4 stars as its ratings. Considering the user who downloaded and has used this app is about thousands and a half, this ratings is pretty much okay. The interface offered by the app is also incredible simple and easy to navigate. The main page of this crock pot recipe app already offers you some categories of the recipes that you may interested in. Whereas the search box is placed on the top side of the page just in case you want to search the menu manually.

Another feature which may pique your interest is the feature of shopping list and favorite in this app. Shopping list here eases you to list the material of ingredients that you need to buy in order to cook the related recipe. On the other hand, favorite tab here will help you to bookmark your favorite recipe. With this favorite tab, you won’t face any trouble if you want to re-read the recipe.

Obviously, this app is a must-try! Don’t worry about access because this is an open-source app, so anyone can have an access to it. Better yet, this app is also free. That being said, you don’t have to spend any penny just to enjoy the features offered by this particular crock pot recipe app.


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