Good news to all of the users of NutriBullet because now NutriBullet Recipe App is finally exist to assist you. Well, you must have heard about this particular extraordinary blender which can transform your seemingly ordinary food into an amazing plus nutritious food. Just in line with the tagline of NutriBullet which emphasizing the healthy lifestyle, this recipe app provides various exemplary formulas.

The formulas this NutriBullet Recipe App for Android provides are various. It is categorized by the problem that you may or may not face in the meantime. For the sake of illustration, some of them are related to weight loss, fiber, immune system, etc. Clearly, those problems are just the common problems that a human face in regard of to be healthy.

However, you should also remember that it doesn’t mean that those recipes related to the problem are useless for the one who already maintain the healthiness. Problems aside, there are no problems in drinking healthy juices right? Additionally, this NutriBullet Recipe App comes with an easy user interface as the navigation for this app seems to be designed around simplicity.

At first look, the front page—the Recipe tab—will already provide you some thumbnails of the popular recipes. Meanwhile, the search box can be found just above the thumbnail. Along with the search box, there is an icon of a filter. In which, with this filter, you can specify your search, so it will lead you straight to the expected result.

Beside the Recipe tab, there is Shopping List tab as well. In this tab, you can have your list of things to buy in order to make the specific recipe that you plan to make. This is pretty much helpful, so you won’t forget of what to buy when going to the groceries before you make the beverage. The shopping list can also be sorted according to either ingredients or recipes.

Next to the Shopping List tab is Favorites tab. Well, with this tab you can save the favorite recipes in NutriBullet Recipe App. The function of this tab is somewhat similar to bookmark. This way, it will be easier for you to re-read the recipe when forget the parts of it. It is because you don’t have to scroll the recipes one by one or searching it by the name which you may not even remember.

The last tab provided in this app is More. This More tab includes information regarding the apps—that means privacy policy, terms of service. In addition to this, NutriBullet Recipe App for iPad also gives a link that will lead you to the product information—NutriBullet product, as well as the shopping link if you are ever interested in buying one for yourself. Aside from those, there is a log out button.

The overall ratings for this NutriBullet app are neither high nor low. It is just moderate, so-so. After reading the reviews, many still found problems in using this app. Hence, some improvements are needed for the NutriBullet Recipe App to provide a better service for all users.


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