For those who are fans of bean-oriented food, recipes must be like a hidden treasure to exist. If you wonder why, well, it is obviously because in the website, bean-oriented food lovers can find many kinds of bean recipes to try. These recipes are provided by a corporation that’s family-owned by the infamous Bush Brothers.

First, you should know an intriguing fact of this company. It is the fact that this company doesn’t even start with bean-oriented product which then contains various legendary recipes. Instead, it started with tomato cannery with the partner Stokely family in Tenessee. After the business run well, Bush then acquired the remaining Stokely’s interest and re-established the business as his own. In which, now it is well-known as Bush Brothers and Company and started to also work on beans.

Things changed, but one thing didn’t. That is the value brought by the company—or more like policy. The company values the customers, in which this brings them to have a certain policy. Well, it is providing the best material for the consumers to enjoy. That means not only it uses the best beans for the product, but it also makes sure that the company uses the best sauce. In addition, the best recipes are also available for people to access. This is somewhat interesting, since most companies are rather secretive about recipes. The related recipes are available to access on website. It varies from the easiest to the most difficult. Now, here are some of the bush’ beans recipes for you.

The first recipe is bush’ beans recipe white chicken chili. As the name of the recipe goes, this recipe will include white beans chili-flavored product as the main ingredient. Other than beans, you will need tomatoes, chicken broth, chicken soup and several kind of seasoning to make this rich flavored dish. As for how long, although this recipe is said to be easy, it will take about 40 minutes to finish and enjoy the meal. Indeed, cooking needs patience. Well, that partly because the utensil that is recommended for you to use in cooking this dish is a stock pot—or crock pot.

Now, aside from bush beans recipe crock pot mentioned above, the other recipes are those with black beans as the main ingredient. The one reviewed in this thread is black bean salsa recipe. This is clearly one of the best ones provided by the site, seeing the total number of ratings. Besides black bean, you only need two other main ingredients to make this tasty and delicious meal. Those are corns and tomatoes.

All those ingredients are vegetables; hence this meal is gluten-free and recommended for those who are in diet program. Remember though that one’s dietary need is different from others. Therefore, make sure to re-read the composition of ingredients, so you know whether or not this recipe is suitable to your dietary needs. With a total of 20 minutes in cooking this dish, the particular recipes are recommended for you who have no time to make complicated dish.


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