Fogo De Chao Brazilian cheese bread recipe is famous for its mouthwatering steak. However, people who have visited the restaurant must know about pao de queijo or Brazilian cheese bread that’s served as a side dish throughout the entire meal. It is soft and savory, yet lighter than regular cheese bread. With this simple recipe, people can get the same taste from their own kitchens!

Fogo De Chao Brazilian cheese bread recipe


  • 1 cup sweet and sour cassava flour or tapioca flour
  • 1 room temperature egg
  • ½ cup whole milk
  • ¼ cup canola oil
  • ½ cup finely shredded cheese, restaurant’s recipe uses parmesan cheese but any kind of sharp cheese (e.g.: Cotija or feta cheese) will work well too
  • ½ teaspoon salt

Cooking Instructions:

  1. To make cheese bread batter with traditional pâté à choux method, heat up butter, whole milk, and salt in a medium-sized heavy bottomed sauce pan.
  2. Transfer butter and milk mixture into a bowl once it boils then slowly add cassava or tapioca flour while mixing with electric hand mixer or by hand.
  3. When all flour has been added and temperature of the mixture has cooled down, add remaining ingredients such as cheese, canola oil, and egg. Mix them well until thoroughly combined. Cheese bread batter is ready to bake.
  4. To make cheese bread batter in this Fogo De Chao Brazilian cheese bread recipe, mixing the ingredients with blender is a simpler method. Add tapioca flour, egg, whole milk, canola oil, and salt (leave cheese out) into the blender and pulse until they are blended well together.
  5. Add cheese and pulse two or three times so that the cheese will not be completely obscured. Cheese bread batter is ready to be baked.
  6. Pour cheese bread batter into a jug so that it will be easier to distribute.
  7. Grease mini muffin tin with remaining canola oil or cooking spray.
  8. Fill in each cup in the muffin tin with cheese bread batter until it is ¾ way up of cup.
  9. Bake cheese bread in preheated oven at 400ºF (204ºC) for around eleven to fifteen minutes. Check the bread on eleven minutes mark, its bottom should be golden brown color while its top puffs up and still doughy.
  10. Take muffin tin out of the oven once baked and let cheese bread cool in room temperature for a few minutes.
  11. The cheese bread is best served warm.
  12. This Fogo De Chao Brazilian cheese bread recipe will yield around 24 cheese bread rolls.

This recipe takes less than an hour from prepping to serving. The best part of this cheese bread is perhaps that it does not contain gluten, because it uses cassava or tapioca flour. It means that people who are allergic to gluten can still enjoy this dish. It is also relatively healthier than other types of cheese bread. This bread can be served alongside meat dishes or simply becomes a late night snack.

With this recipe, people can enjoy tasty yet nutritious side dish to accompany of their meals or light snack to power them throughout the day. Just remember not to finish the whole tray by yourself! Well, just try this Fogo De Chao Brazilian cheese bread recipe based on your version.


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