Microwave is popular kitchen appliance for cooking and you can use Kitchenaid KCMS145JSS as your own microwave at home. It has advanced technology to enhance cooking process in short time. People rely on microwave because it is simple and easy without much preparation. Moreover, you just select time and cooking mode then the food is ready. It seems simple, but first timer or beginner should follow some procedures. Knowing every part and cooking process through microwave helps to get the better result.

Kitchenaid KCMS145JSS

Kitchenaid KCMS145JSS and Its Parts for Cooking

Microwave is different from oven because you cannot roast or bake with it. In simple explanation, this appliance generates certain wave to hit the food. Actually, temperature will rise quickly because inside of ingredients contains hot content. Generating wave comes from two sources, mainly one, but Kitchenaid uses two plates for this process. Cooking in microwave needs less time because the food may be ready in less than five minutes. More importantly, you use specific dishes when putting the food inside microwave.

Knowing every part on Kitchenaid KCMS145JSS is important. It has window, door with safety lock, glass turntable, control, light, cooking guide label, cooking rack, and rack support. The door will protect the inside area from outer exposure. Moreover, the wave from this appliance may interfere other electronic devices. The door is capable to reduce side effect of this event. For window, it uses metal as shield, so you can still see the food but it is very safe. When cooking, you should put the foods at rack then select cooking mode from control.

The main feature of Kitchenaid KCMS145JSS is on control. It looks like remote for television or AC, but with less buttons. In this control, you see several options for cooking alongside timer, clock, and number sets. At the top, there is display to show information such as date, clock, quantities, cook power, cooking function, and weight. Below the display, there are cooking mode such as custom cook, defrost, reheat, keep warm, and popcorn. Interesting part about this control is the option to use personal choice. You can also select cook time and power on this control.

Cook power is the key when you are ready to put the food inside this microwave. There is level from ten to full power of 100%. When you want the fastest cooking and heating, choose this mode. Cooking rice and pasta will be convenient at seventy percent level. For cheese and eggs, you can select sixty to seventy percent. Cheese is very tender, so cook power needed is not as much as hard food. Cooking power over eighty percent belong to high level. Medium is around fifty percent and low is around twenty and ten percent. When you want warm fruits, just use ten percent level for cook power. Well, defrost mode is at thirty percent for slow cook.

Beside the parts and cook mode, you have to put attention on installation and maintenance. Read instruction from manual book to choose the proper tool during installation. Inside area is easy to clean with damp cloth. Furthermore, microwave may not be as hot as oven, but do not put any sensitive and inflammable object around Kitchenaid KCMS145JSS.


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