Kitchenaid 8573025 is a part of the Architect II Series that is claimed to have better features when compared to its competitors. Kitchenaid does have several dishwasher lines but if you are looking for a powerful device without compromising style and comfort, this variant will be your best pick. Thanks to the impressive technologies, mostly are using automatic systems, you can be sure that washing the dishes can be fun, effortless, and easy. Worry about breaking a sweat? Not a chance!

Kitchenaid 8573025

One Dishwasher with Many Technologies

When we are talking about dishwashers, we want a device with solid stance, great construction, long lasting performance, and elegant handle. If you can have one with grace, functionality, and smoothness, this Kitchenaid 8573025 will be your new best friends. First of all, it has the so called ProFilter system that will remove and eliminate the food particles not only from the dishes but also from the washing water. It means that when the machine is washing the dishes, it only uses clean water without the dirty water or whatsoever. This is one perk that most dishwashers don’t have.

The design is also smooth and flawless, with seamless look and rounded edges. Such a look is perfect for all kinds of kitchen theme or décor so you don’t have to worry about the mix and match. The LCD screen is facing forward along with the door from stainless steel. Thanks to the concealed controls located on the upper area of the door, the machine retains its smooth appearance. And the control is pretty responsive too.

If you take a look on the inside of Kitchenaid 8573025, you will be wowed by the impressive arrangement. The upper rack can glide out smoothly, thanks to the responsive ball bearings. You want to adjust the height? Feel free to do so. You only have to hold and then press the levers and everything will set out just nicely. There are some different washing modes available, such as Rinse Only, Express Wash, Light, Tough, ProWash, and Normal. Don’t you just love it when you are given a full control of your washing preference? This offers a nice and fun washing time, for sure. If you have different kinds of items to wash, simply go with the ProWash. Use the other modes if you have specific load and the different types of mess (and also dirt) on the dishes.

This machine works by spraying water (the clean one, of course) to the dishes several times. The machine then recycles and filters the water again for several times before it drains it. With clean water, the machine will then do the final rinse and your dishes are as clean as a whistle! No such thing as redeposit phenomenon which you probably find on other machines.

If you are ready with the purchase and you are ready to spend quite a lot, be sure that you it is worth your spending. You will never regret buying Kitchenaid 8573025; well, at least not with all of those clean dishes.


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