There are many gas grills, but Kitchenaid 720 0787D is what you get at the top list. The design is compact and elegant with three stainless burners. Kitchenaid uses stainless material because it is very durable for grilling and resistant to high temperature. You may use it every day for barbeque party and this grilling appliance is still at good condition. Basically, you can almost grill everything such as meat, burger, even warming vegetables and fruits. The main energy comes from natural gas and propane. For more about this appliance, read the following sections.

Kitchenaid 720 0787D

The Capability of Kitchenaid 720 0787D

Before exploring its specs, you should know some matters related to gas grill. This device is for outdoor activity, so the design may look bulk and the weight is quite heavy. Kitchenaid produces some gas grill machines with various sizes. For Kitchenaid 720 0787D, the size belongs to medium category. After assembling process, the total weight is approximately 125 lbs and 132 lbs for the maximum. There are two surfaces, primary and secondary with area 484 sq. and 161 sq. respectively. From those dimension, it is quite big but small enough to carry into your car. To assembly properly, you need to read manual installation from manufacturer.

Well, the specs of this device are 3-stainless steel for main burner, cooking grate, brass ring, electric ignition, flame tamer, tank tray, and temperature gauge. The others are the main lid, stationary side shelves, and dual energy valves. As it mentioned above, this grill is able to use propane or natural gas. You just open the tank tray then replace with new one.

Using Kitchenaid 720 0787D is simple and easy. The product requires assembly, so make sure you do it properly. Prepare gas tank then install at below tray. This device uses electric mode to ignite the flame. You can replace battery to prolong this ignition process. Wait until burning area is at high temperature. Flame control will keep everything in check. You can control heat level into lowest one when adding ingredients then start to increase slowly. Change the food position upward to get equal burning. Wait until the process is done then your foods are ready. Burning layers is more than one with control to get proper heat. You can prepare more than twenty hamburgers at once or other meals. This capacity is enough for small party.

Moreover, few people still have a doubt about stainless steel as the main material for this device. Rusting is still possible, but Kitchenaid adds metal cover to protect it from rusting. Moreover, the device is capable to withstand any external forces, particularly when you move from one spot to another. You do not have to worry about this matter anymore.

In fact, grilling is easy for preparing the foods. There is no complex procedure as long as you get the right and proper tool. This is what Kitchenaid intends to be when producing 720 0787D. Besides this one, few others are available with small differences. The main features are similar, but the size and complimentary part may be different. As long as you get Kitchenaid 720 0787D at home, grilling is not issue anymore.


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