K45 Kitchenaid Mixer Parts consist of several products, mainly to replace head mixer. You can replace standard head with other designs, for example, wire whip with flex or flat beater. Wire whip is head mixer for mixing raw ingredients into raw dough. After that, you can use flex beater to blend smoothly. Kitchenaid provides standard part for such purpose. Besides them, you may replace head mixer with pasta roller, juicer, vegetables slicer, turbo beater, and dough hook. There are still more parts to offer and some of them will be explained at below sections.

K45 Kitchenaid Mixer Parts

The Design and Function of K45 Kitchenaid Mixer Parts

Hand mixer is small and lightweight to be controlled only by one hand. This appliance is practical to create dough then turn into several forms. For example, you can make dough for pasta or noodle. The dough is ready, but one issue is turning it into pasta. You require another appliance for this process. Instead buying and using two separate appliances, it is better to get only necessary part to replace the head section on mixer.

Pasta roller is one of top products on K45 Kitchenaid Mixer Parts. This tool is small and practical with many capabilities. You can add dough then set the pasta length and size. After that, cut the dough carefully then repeat process again. As you know, all of procedure is only on hand mixer. Besides pasta, there are some Italian-based foods to create using the part from K45 Kitchenaid Mixer.

Moreover, the mixer has bowl to mix and blend ingredients. Instead of usual bowl, you may consider heat-mixing bowl. What is the difference between this bowl and usual one? While mixing, the heat helps to blend all raw ingredients into solid form. Normally, you add liquid or water to mix easily and smoothly. Usual bowl has open surface that can be dangerous when you choose the wrong speed. On the other side, heating bowl has lid to protect from spilling.

K45 Kitchenaid Mixer Parts are also useful to prepare vegetables and fruits. You may be familiar with kitchen appliance to slice, grind, and peel vegetables before they are ready to cook. Besides, you also use juicer to extract essence from fruits. Instead of buying two appliances with different function, you may rely on mixer part to do such procedure. Moreover, you get three functions in single appliance which is hand mixer. The attachment for this part is called food processor. Juicer part is also capable to make saucer. You can prepare easily with significant result.

Those parts only work on hand mixer. When you have K45 Kitchenaid Mixer, use only parts from Kitchenaid. Different brand will lead to compatibility issue. Each part has different functions, so choose properly. As similar to wire whip and flex beater, they requires maintenance and cleaning. You can replace then wash with clean water. After that, use damp cloth then wait until completely dry. Two pasta rollers may have different design, so read the manual instruction before apply them on hand mixer. Those are what you have to know from K45 Kitchenaid Mixer Parts.


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