Well, Kitchenaid Cavatelli Maker Attachment is used for creating specific form called Cavatelli. In general, it is like pasta from eggless dough. Moreover, the size and shape may be varied, but cavatelli is shorter than pasta. The attachment is additional part to plug into mixer. Kitchenaid provides several attachments based on what you want to make, such as pasta, noodles, sausage, etc. Read the next section for more information.

Kitchenaid Cavatelli Maker Attachment

How to Use Kitchenaid Cavatelli Maker Attachment

Before using Kitchenaid Cavatelli Maker Attachment, you have to know that it only works on stand mixer. As you can see, mixer uses a part to mix and blend ingredient. This part is detachable that means you can remove and change it into new one with different shape. Mixing dough is different from smashing potato. Mixer uses bowl to keep the ingredient in check and it is also removable. You may replace the bowl after mixing process is done.

Attachment for creating cavatelli looks similar to the other one, but the function is different. When you have planning for purchasing, make sure this attachment is capable to plug properly into the stand mixer from Kitchenaid. Both tools come from the same manufacturer in order to meet the compatibility. Kitchenaid is not new company in kitchen appliance industry. Besides mixer, you will find other products such as dishwater, oven, etc. Mixer and its attachment are the other lineup from this brand. More importantly, all products including mixer use the high quality material to enhance the capability and durability.

Using Kitchenaid Cavatelli Maker Attachment is simple and easy. Firstly, remove the bowl and mixing plate from stand mixer. Be careful when you remove them, particularly for the bowl. After that, turn mixer head into toward position. Originally, this head is downward mode for mixing dough and other ingredients. Stand mixer with small size is like the hand mixer. You can lift it easily using one or two hands.

Plug this attachment on mixing head. Do not turn device before you are sure that everything is proper. As it mentioned above, cavatelli may be in different size and shape, but from one similar ingredient. You need to adjust its size based on personal preference. Adjusting shape and size is another feature of this attachment. One crucial issue is the dough to make this food. There are several recipes to prepare cavetelli. You may use pure and original one, but some of them have additional ingredients. Which one is better? It depends on what you want to make. For beginner, choose simple ingredients with less complex mixing and time. You still rely on manual shaping for dough before putting into this attachment.

This attachment also needs maintenance to prolong the capability. After you are done for making cavatelli, remove it from mixer. Get rid any leftover on the surface. Prepare fresh water on sink to clean it. Manufacturer makes sure the parts are washable. Use damp cloth to clean and wait until dry. You also need to put mixer into normal mode after its usage for cavatelli. Therefore, you are done for making new menu using Kitchenaid Cavatelli Maker Attachment.


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