If you have many dirty dishes and cooking utensils, Kitchenaid Dishwasher Kdte204dss is good choice to clean them. It is dishwater with automatic feature for cleaning and washing. You just arrange all dishes inside the racks then wait until the washing process is done. From outside, it looks like big and box-shape stainless with the door. Its panel is on the top for easy access to the choice type of washing you want to do. This is reliable appliance for culinary or food business where many dishes are full of food stain or leftover.

Kitchenaid Dishwasher KDTE204DSS

Features and Cleaning Process on This Kitchenaid Dishwasher

People use Kitchenaid Dishwasher KDTE204DSS as integrated appliance on their kitchen island. You need to know every part before utilize it. It consists of two main parts, which are washing sections and racks. From inside, you see the upper level wash, water feed tube, water inlet opening, Proscrub Trio, spray nozzle, filtering system, heating element, detergent dispenser, and active vent. To open the door, just pull the top part then go downward. The bottom part is not moving which gives full exposure for inside area. You just need to push again the top part to close tightly. Be careful because the control panel is at the top door and you may push it unintentionally.

There are two racks on this appliance: the top and bottom racks. The main function is to hold dishes and utensils during washing. At bottom rack, you see the area with flexible fold-down tines, bowl tines, utensil basket, and silverware area. For the top rack, there are rack adjuster, culinary tool rack, spray arm, cup shelves, and rack handles.

Using Kitchenaid Dishwasher KDTE204DSS is simple and easy. After the installation is done, prepare the detergent on its dispenser. You also need to check the rinse aid for drying process. This appliance is dishwater, but you still have to get rid of any food particle, leftover stain, and liquid manually. You cannot afford to let the chicken bones during washing process. All leftover with big size and excess liquid have to be removed early. When putting sharp utensils, make sure to point down the sharp area. The arrangement has to let enough space for water during spraying. Tight space is difficult for washing or you may require extra time. It includes preventing overlap placement between one dish and another.

There are six options for cleaning from control panel. You can choose Pro Wash to get better washing and efficient resources. When the dishes are fully loaded, Tough Mode is the top option. In this mode, washing will get rid any difficult liquid and leftover that you can remove manually. Normal mode is for moderate and usual cleaning. If the utensils are light and sensitive, choose Light mode. With less and faster time, Express Wash will remove everything as quick as possible. The last one is to rinse only without detergent. All features have pros and cons depending on what you need for cleaning.

The big size tools require more maintenance. Make sure there is no broken or damage cord around that can increase the unwanted accident. Manufacturer provides guideline and manual book for installation and utilization. Read them carefully to know Kitchenaid Dishwasher KDTE204DSS well.


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