You cannot resist having Bloody Mary Recipe with Zing Zang. There is interesting thing about bloody marry. This cocktail uses tomato as the based recipe and completed with vodka or other alcohol beverages. Today, you will find many recipes when searching about bloody marry. The recipe comes in simple to complex way. However, you can create your own Bloody Marry with simple recipe then drink it every day. Morning and afternoon are best time to enjoy it. Well, you may also invite your friends to enjoy this drink together.

with Zing Zang


  1. 2 Lemon  and lime
  2. 2 oz. Vodka, premium is better
  3. Tabasco Sauce, 2 dashes
  4. 4 oz. Tomato, juiced
  5. 2 teaspoons Prepared horseradish
  6. Smoked paprika, 1 pinch
  7. Celery stalk, garnished
  8. Ice cube
  9. Celery salt, 1 pinch
  10. Ground black pepper, 1 pinch
  11. 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce


Making Directions:

  1. Prepare small plate, glass, and shaker.
  2. Pour the celery salt into the plate.
  3. Cut lemon then rub the juice part on plate.
  4. Roll all celery salt on the top edge of the glass then add ice cube and put aside.
  5. Squeeze the lemon into shaker or you can use lime as lemon replacement.
  6. Add the rest of ingredients then shake them.
  7. After that, pour it inside the glass and wait until it strained.

Well, Bloody Mary Recipe with Zing Zang uses simple ingredients. Actually, the classic recipe is rare to find as it is easy to make. However, you will start from this recipe before moving into another one. To create Bloody Marry, you need shaker and glass with pint size. The shaker is available at store, so choose one that’s easy to use. You do not have to buy the expensive and professional shaker at all.

Lemon and lime in Bloody Mary Recipe with Zing Zang are the key ingredients. You will use tomato to create red color and texture, but lemon gives more scent and taste. It helps to ease the tomato taste. Besides, celery salt is another important thing to have. You can use it to rub into the glass then shaker. This ingredient also creates strong taste and scent. You may use lemon or lime for this recipe. As you know, both fruits has acidic compound, but with different taste. Lemon tends to be sour and lime is bitter. Which one is better? You may use lemon when rubbing it at plate and lime into shaker. It depends on your personal preference regarding Bloody Marry.

One important thing about this recipe is Vodka. This is the reason why you need to prepare this recipe careful. Vodka has different variations. It is better to choose premium product because it has capability to blend into cocktail perfectly. If you have adventurous intention, try some vodkas then decide which one that’s suitable to your taste. After that, garnish with celery.

All ingredients are easy to get alongside the tools to make Bloody Mary. You can try this recipe at home and enjoy it ultimately. Make sure to have enough ice cubes and tomatoes before trying this Bloody Mary Recipe with Zing Zang.


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