Kitchenaid KSRG25 Water Filter

The Kitchenaid KSRG25 Water Filter is using the modern technology from Whirlpool Water. The technology is called EveryDrop which employs great filtration for micro particles as well as absorption mechanism to decrease the level of contamination. Many people who have bought Kitchenaid refrigerators from the Ksrg25 line would wonder if they need to replace water filter after a while.

Kitchenaid KSRG25 Water Filter Replacement

That answer to that matter would be to replace Kitchenaid KSRG25 Water Filter every six months. You will want to check when the light indicator says it needs to be replaced or whenever you feel like replacing that part. Maintain the water filter by inspecting any visible clogging of if it is not installed correctly. Those issues may be what cause the water does not flow smoothly into the dispenser and ice maker which then lead to other issues.

What could happen to the dispenser with reduced water flow is that it will slow the dispensing process or it won’t dispense water at all. What’s more, the water may as well taste weird. Meanwhile, the ice maker may also produce hollow or thin cubes of ice. Sometimes, the production of ice is really low or not producing at all. Similar to the dispenser, the ice would taste weird too.

To inspect the issues that may occur with the dispenser, check the problem with the Kitchenaid KSRG25 Water Filter first. You need to dispense water from the dispenser and notice how normal the water is flowing. Locate the filter in the bottom grille underneath the fridge door or in the compartment and detach the filter. Dispense the water again after the water filter is detached. If you notice an increasing quantity of water flow, it is possible that the filter is not installed correctly or clogged. A clogged water filter means you need to give your fridge a replacement part.

Usually the filter can be removed quite easily. But in case it’s hard to remove the filter, it could be that you did not turn it to the right direction. To do so, turn it a quarter to your left side and usually the alignment of its cap will be vertical. Pull it out and remove the cap. After you are finished with that replacement job, always check that you wash out the water system. Washing out the system will remove any air inside that will cause dripping in the dispenser. This task is really necessary every time you replace the water filter. It is also needed when you connect the fridge to the water supply after the initial installation.

In case you cannot replace the water filter right away, just do not reattach the old filter. A KSRG25 refrigerator has a mode that will bypass the water system. The operation will keep going by sidestepping the filter and the water dispensing and ice production will not be held back. Even though this mechanism is convenient, you still need to install a new Kitchenaid KSRG25 Water Filter for the best filtration of your drinking water.


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