It is quite simple to find Kitchenaid Blender Parts KSB50B3 that you may have been looking for. If you own a Kitchen Blender with the model of KSB50B3 or alike, some people would say that there is a certain part that usually need replacement. That part is the coupling and its rubber pointed teeth. If you have no idea which one the coupling is, look at the pointy rubber that sits on top of the unit’s base.

How to Repair and Replace Kitchenaid Blender KSB50B3 Coupling

More often than not, this part can be broken off due to a long use of operation. If any part is broken, there are some things to inspect. First, check if you smell any electrical burn then see whether the light is up when you turn the unit on. Check the power in the wall socket, any damaged cable, and see if there is any leak in the base. Being a component of Kitchenaid Blender Parts KSB50B3, the coupling is fastened onto an upright shaft. The shape of the unit’s shaft is round and the sides are flat.

See the coupling part number, and you can provide it to the store to make it easier in finding the correct replacement for you. You may choose to buy the part by looking for it online. Usually the replacement part will ship to your address with a good service. There are reverse threads in the coupling motor. Those threads are utilized to make the blades spin. Before the replacement job, make sure you clean the threads carefully. Do not forget to unplug the unit so that you can start fixing it safely.

After you examine the Kitchenaid Blender Parts KSB50B3, it is time to do the fixing jobs. First you need to remove the rubber lid from the coupling. Once you succeed to do that, you will see a metal disc in it. Get yourself a wrench and use it to fasten the shaft before detaching the coupling. By still using the wrench, release the coupling on the shaft. You may see that the gap between the coupling and the base is only a quarter inches.

Therefore, you need to use a reasonably small wrench of other u-shape tool to get in. you should find any tool easily if you already own a set of mechanic tools. Use pliers to take hold of its metal disc and pull it promptly in clockwise direction. If the coupling is not loosened yet, do the same thing again. After you put in the new coupling replacement, fasten it in counter-clockwise direction. If you have finished doing all that, plug it in and turn it on to check that everything runs smoothly.

If you are already familiar with the part that you need, simply visit the online store for looking the KSB5OB4 model parts. It is advised to know the number of the part besides its name. To make searching easy, you can even look into parts based on the sections of where the part is placed. If you have found the Kitchenaid Blender Parts KSB50B3 that you need, observe some instructions to help you with the installation.


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