Kitchenaid KDTE104DSS

Kitchenaid KDTE104DSS is a dishwasher machine from Kitchenaid. It’s a built-in type, so you don’t have to compile each part by yourself, but even if you do, you can install it very easily. When you are tired after cooking a lot of meals, you just want to relax without having to wash each one of your cooking’s tools. This quiet and effective dishwasher machine is your answer. Moreover, it does not produce noise at all, but rather cleaned dishes to light up your day.

The Specification of Kitchenaid KDTE104DSS

This machine is measured 23.875 inch in width, 24.75 inch in depth, and 34.5 inch in height. It’s relatively a standard type to wash the dishes. In addition, it is also not only available in silver-colored, like your typical dishwasher, but also in black and white. These monochrome colors will match your kitchen. It has a stainless steel interior as well, so it is a good-looking machine inside and out. The stainless steel will make this machine last for years.

The upper racks are adjustable. You can put your plates, bowl, pans, cups, spoon, fork and other tools accordingly. You can throw your stuffs mindlessly as you can adjust the racks as you like. You don’t have to worry whether the plate is too big or the stuffs are too much to fit inside. The silverware holder is also removable to ease you in operating Kitchenaid KDTE104DSS.

The estimated yearly energy use is 260 KWh with estimated yearly operating only cost 31$. It’s a standard number for such machine, though. It got energy star compliance for its accomplishment. The decibel level is 46 dBA, so the ratio about power, sound pressure, voltage, or intensity is accounted and covered. Kitchenaid KDTE104SS will definitely not make a lot of noise to disturb you while resting after cooking. The number also proves this machine does not take a lot of energy that will eat up your electricity’s bills.

Furthermore, the cycle is automated and the common wash cycles are normal (for your regular tools), heavy duty (for pots and pans), quick/ light wash (for small and washable stuffs), extra rinse, delay start, and heated dry. The cycles are automated, so you don’t have to set it up with difficulty. The variety of the cycle will match the stuffs that have to be washed accordingly.

Overall, this machine is worth it. The design is so styled, so it can match any decoration and design of your kitchen. Therefore, it will not bring your mood down when you see this machine in the kitchen. in addition, it cleans the stuffs, such as plate, bowl, pans, pots, spoon, and fork to the core and will not leave any residue at all. It dries them all evenly too! Well, you will not have to open up the dishwasher only to find out there are stains left. With such budget you can get the expected dishwasher machine. Now, what are you waiting for to purchase this noise-free Kitchenaid KDTE104DSS?



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