Kitchenaid KFE6L

If you have hard time to scrap dough, Kitchenaid KFE6L is good choice for solution. It is solution to mix and scrap ingredients before ready for further cooking. You use bowl to make mashing potato. Instead of manual tool, Kitchenaid provides a help using Kfe6l. It is easy and simple to use without much time to do manual procedure. The main part is called flex edge beater due to its function to scrap every sections inside the bowl. You may change its part using few accessories, particularly when mixing liquid and thick dough.

Details of Kitchenaid KFE6L

Mixer is appliance to help mixing ingredient into smooth and subtle texture. You see the main part is tool to do mixing process. It is what Kitchenaid KFE6L does. In general, this tool is part of mixer, but it can be standalone tool for any appropriate appliance. The tool is available separately from the main part, although you may buy it at one package alongside its mixer.

In addition, flex edge beater is flat and thin metal in single layer. The contour and shape is like slicing bowl into tiny section. As you can see, edge part of this tool will reach bowl surface from the top to bottom. The main function is for scrapping but it has another flat metal to connect from the main handle to both edges at left and right. To make a simple explanation, prepare bowl and put this tool straight inside it. You see both edges touch bowl surface then move at circling mode while handle is still at stand place. This process will scrap all material or ingredient inside bowl without anything left on surface. It is also good for mixing, but the ingredient should be less thickness.

Kitchenaid KFE6L looks simple, but handle part is able to plug into mixer. As you know, mixer has two categories: portable or standalone mode. Portable is mixer where you can lift then use hand to move around. Mixing process is still automatic, but your hand holds its movement. On contrary, standalone mixer is where you put bowl at stable place then there is part to hold it. You just set this device to move then wait until mixing is done. Both types are capable to use KFE6L to scrap and smash ingredients into complete dough. There is another replacement called wire whip. It has more metal than flex beater, but very thin.

The tool cannot work alone, but you have to maintain its function. Kitchenaid makes sure user can wash and clean easily. Moreover, the material is washable, so you can put into dishwater then remove any stain and leftover around its metal. Use fresh water to clean then wait until it is completely dry before using it again for scrapping.

Scrapping may be different from mixing, but you have to pay attention when using the tool. Manufacturer produces this one with certain size. When using it, you must put proper bowl based on its size. Accessories and additional parts are available in order to enhance the capability. Therefore, you can maximize the function of Kitchenaid KFE6L.


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