Kitchenaid KV25GOX

With the improvement of power from the previous models, the Kitchenaid KV25GOX Professional 5 Plus 5-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer offers 30% more muscle. Being in the line of stand mixer, the Kv25gox is quite potent to be used for big and weighty mixing job without much effort. This mixer is specifically designed with a bowl that can be easily raised up by a handle and locked into its position afterward. This design is intentionally for mixing bulky and large food ingredients as opposed to other tilt-head mixers.

Kitchenaid KV25GOX Stand Mixer Reviews

The mechanism of the Kv25gox is only one of its kinds because it allows the bowl to stay in its place with no need of rotating it like other models. It also makes the beater to stir the bowl in 67 different positions. The beater is moving clockwise while the shaft is rotating counter-clockwise. This whole mechanism offers more systematic mixing for different food items. Stainless steel is the durable material for manufacturing the bowl so that it can be cleaned with a dishwasher safely. The grip is ergonomic and comfortable with the intention that you can lift the unit without difficulty.

The Kitchenaid KV25GOX provides a choice of ten speeds which allow you to choose from slow to fast mixture task. For many different kind of ingredient mixing, these choices of speed ensure which one is right for making the best mixtures. Whether you want to beat some eggs or make dough, this stand mixer can do the right job. The function of soft start can help avoid getting your mixtures splattered out from the bowl during the initial process of mixing. After you start with that mode, you will then be able to gradually hitting faster speed. Following the process until it reaches the exact speed, the mechanism will automatically keep its speed for steady completion.

This stand mixer is easy for installation and attaching the additional operational parts. There are various accessories available to make mixing more thorough. They are very optional, for instance when you need different type of beater to make different mixtures. If you are a person who would like to incorporate your kitchen appliances based on colors, this Kitchenaid KV25GOX is a great choice. It comes in various colors so you will surely be able to choose which one is work well with the ambiance of your kitchen design. It is as powerful as 450W with the measurement of 16.5” x 12” x 14” and companied by 1-year warranty.

You will love this stand mixer from Kitchenaid. You have a multipurpose unit to make perfect mixture of assorted food ingredients. The cleaning is also easier than the old hand mixer models that you have been using so far. Perhaps you think about buying a model with tilt-head design, but the mechanism of this Kv25gox will surely please you. Its bowl-lift feature is convenient because the bowl can be detach and attach easily. Having a powerful motor sometimes means a unit will produce a lot of noise. But it is a different story with this Kitchenaid KV25GOX.



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