Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Steam Iron 19901

Why do many people choose Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Steam Iron 19901? For some of us, we would rather use iron that has a retractable cord when it comes to easiness of storage. When you have finished doing the errand, there would be no messy cord that will get in the way. The cord can be retracted into the iron just by pressing a switch. Even though there are a number of iron with retractable feature in the market, but the Hamilton Beach Durathon digital steam iron is worth your consideration.

Reason to Buy Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Steam Iron 19901

The Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Steam Iron 19901 has a hard-wearing soleplate which is better than the non-sticky competitor. Its enhanced quality and scratch-resistant material ensures better glide when ironing various fabrics. The soleplate of this unit also carries a ten year limited warranty to ensure the durability. The steam holes are designed across the soleplate to provide 40% more powerful and constant steam than other similar irons.

What makes the Durathon different with the other steam irons is that it has digital controls as replacement to thermostat knob. These controls are used to adjust the temperature setting and choose which one is suitable for certain fabric. Its control panel is handily placed at the top along with the buttons for spraying the mist or blasting the steam. The selection switch for steam is placed at the front of the iron and it provides different type of steams. The Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Steam Iron 19901 is given with 8-feet long cord.

Although using tap water is fine for this iron, it is advisable to alternate between regular tap water and distilled water. That is the recommended instruction particularly if you live in the area where water is not really pure. It has a water tank with the capacity of 10 ounces. You may need to know that there are a number of Durathon iron models with different power and features. The 19803 and 19701 are the models that do not have digital controls. Each of them has 1200W and 1500W of power. The other counterpart is the 19804 which have 1700W of power but without digital control.

In the market, not many reasonably priced irons that are modernly designed with digital control. This Durathon 19901 offers 1700W of power with convenient digital controls. The control placement makes sure that you will find it easier to adjust the setting without any buttons to meddle with. It weighs around 3.5 lbs with large base to store the cord. The plus side of its weight is that it helps to smooth any wrinkles from the fabric with no need to press too much.

The heel is big so its balance is steadier when placed on your ironing board. With the 1700W of power, this unit can heat up the soleplate rapidly in just a minute. Its hot soleplate is supported by the steam capacity and adequate to get rid of crinkles on any type of clothes. Therefore, the Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital Steam Iron 19901 is reasonable enough for you to buy.


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