Cuisinart Dlc 2007Nbc

If you want to prepare food, Cuisinart Dlc 2007Nbc is the right choice at all. This appliance is called food processor to cut vegetables, fruits, herb, and spices into small pieces. You do not have to cut manually because the sharp blade inside this one is generated by electrical motor. Therefore, the appliance uses electricity as power source. There are several types for cutting depends on ingredients and shape you want. This product has high durability and enough to fill your demand for food processing. More about it will be explored in the next sections.

Cuisinart Dlc 2007Nbc and the Properties

At first, you need to know each part of Cuisinart Dlc 2007Nbc. In general, this appliance does not have complex structure and parts. After buying one, you have to assembly. Manual will provide information regarding the parts, assembly process, procedure, safety instruction, warranty, maintenance, and cleaning. Moreover, manual also contains recipes to process vegetables, dough, bread, meat, etc.

Moreover, the parts consist of three segments. At the top, you see feed tube with wide mouth. It is place where you put ingredients on this appliance. At bottom, there are work bowl, shaft, housing base, touch control, and cord. Work bowl is space to retrieve ingredients after processing. It has home base to keep it stable. The cord will let appliance to use electricity. At middle part, you see blade and disk with various shapes. They are slicing, mixing, chopping, shredding, and dough blade. At center, there is pusher to force ingredients from tub to hit blade or disk. Mixing and dough blade are different from shredding and slicing disk. Shredding is sharper than mixing and each blade has different function.

Cuisinart Dlc 2007Nbc provides instruction to prepare ingredients for different types. In general, you just put everything through feed tube then add suitable blade. Press control button to start then wait until everything is inside the bowl at bottom. That is straightforward procedure, but there is little detail to know as consideration. When mixing the dough, make sure the temperature is less than 40 C. It is not very dry and thick because the device gives much pressure for blade to mix. You can add liquid, but not too much. Other ingredients are meat, sausage, and chicken. Meat and boneless chicken should be cold and half-cooked. They are also in large size to put inside tube.

This appliance is very practical for any ingredient, but you need to keep it clean. Separate each part then wash them with fresh water. You may just clean with damp cloth if the bowl and feed tube are quite clean after slicing vegetables. The key issue is dough, meat, chicken, and other things with strong odor and thick form. You have to get rid of any residue then wait until the feed tube and blade are clean before the next processing. Only use blade and disk based on the type ingredients to keep durability.

As it mentioned above, it is electrical appliance which requires utmost safety precaution. Use it in stable and plain surface. Do not use it at closed and tight area such as cabinet. Make sure the cord is at good condition before you plug it into electrical socket. You have to wait until Cuisinart Dlc 2007Nbc is completely dry after washing for the next use.


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