Cuisinart Juicer Cje 1000 Manual

Cuisinart Juicer Cje 1000 Manual is important to read before you are ready to make juice. Manual is a part of purchasing package. It is available from seller to help user understands each part of appliances. The contents are safety instruction, parts, warranty, procedure, cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. Some people may be familiar with juicer from Cuisinart, but reading manual should be the first thing to do after purchasing.

Knowing Further about Cuisinart Juicer Cje 1000 Manual

First thing to know on Cuisinart Juicer Cje 1000 Manual is its parts. This appliance consists of several parts. There are motor base, LED control or button, filter basket, filter bowl, foam management disk, fruit stabilizer, food pusher, juice spout, pitcher, pulp container, and safety break. The others are cord storage, cleaning brush, and power cord. Before making juice, there are several things to do. Prepare the damp cloth to clean all basket, filter, pushover, pitcher, and container. For your information, all parts are safe when you put into dishwater.

Using this appliance is easy and straightforward. You can mix more than one fruits at once into feed tube. Most of fruits are small enough without you need to slice and cut them into small pieces. However, you should slice vegetables with diameter more than 3 inches. They are too large and big for tube. Make sure all fruits and vegetables are clean and fresh. Well, juice is more than taste, but also health. Therefore, you need to wash all ingredients before they are ready for juice extraction. Do not forget that certain fruits have to be free from their peel. You peel them off then cut into small pieces and remove seeds to prevent mixing into juice. When everything is ready, press LED button. This appliance will push the ingredients then you see juice form on the basket. Wait until the process is done. When you need stopping, press again its button.

After making juice, related parts require cleaning. As it mentioned above, Cuisinart Juicer Cje 1000 Manual also contains cleaning procedure. Be careful when removing basket because there is harp blade. You can separate slowly then use damp cloth to clean. When residue is too much, put on dishwater then wash with fresh water. Moreover, the maintenance depends on what you use for juice. When you put soft and subtle fruits, take the level one extraction. Do not use slow mode for hard ingredients because it can ruin the blade.

As electric appliance, you have to put in proper place. Make sure there is no wet or water around sitting area. Put on stable and plain surface to keep the stability. Check cord before plug into electrical socket. When this appliance is working, do not put finger or additional object. It is very dangerous because you will be hurt or the blade cuts unwanted object. Use it in open area and do not use inside cabinet or tight closed space.

Well, fresh juice is tasty and healthy. Research showed that juice has more nutritious than eating fruit directly. You can make juice from single fruits or add mixing ingredients. Remember to wash them before putting on juicer. Therefore, Cuisinart Juicer Cje 1000 Manual includes processing, instruction, and recipe to make the better juice.


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